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Hi, my name is Himanshu and I help individuals build a meaningful and profitable business without selling their soul... so they can exit the rat race and live a life of freedom.

I am a computer science engineer turned into a digital nomad entrepreneur and coach. Would call myself a recovering "Shiny object syndrome seeker."

I helped companies sell millions of dollars worth stuff during my time as a marketing strategist and advisor. And we were able to do it because of one simple method; Building passionate digital tribes. It's the time when Forbes invited me to join the leadership council and my views got featured in the magazine.

But this journey started long time ago.

Right before it happened, I was $10,000 down in the education loan and no income or support whatsoever. I was desperate financially and emotionally to create a purposeful life for myself. And there was nothing which was working. Despite making a few websites and making some money, I woke up everyday feeling like a failure for months.

This is where I met my first mentor and it transformed me forever. I entered the rabbit hole of personal development and slowly discovered my passion for helping other people build online businesses.

However, the internet is an overwhelming place. And soon, I got frustrated with information overload and confusing advice floating around from those so-called social media influencers. I saw myself suffering from the infamous shiny object syndrome.

In 2020, I started observing successful people and discovered a common pattern. This was a transforming moment for me.

As soon as I found it, I launched my niche consulting business and took it to $30,000 MRR within 12 months.

Now I am on a mission to help other entrepreneurs build a business and a life that they truly love. I am sharing everything I learned for FREE my YouTube channel and inside the Tribe.

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