Helping visionary startups to buidl their marketing force

Hi, my name is Himanshu. I am a marketing psychology student, a certified mentalist, and a computer science engineer.

I help web3 startups with great ideas to build solid marketing strategies with my seven years of experience in sales and marketing.


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Himanshu speaks vividly on personal leadership, product psychology, web3 and metaverse economy from his years of experience in working on these fronts closely. Invite him to speak in your events
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Consulting & Service

Himanshu has closely worked with 10+ companies to help them launch successful products. Book a call to discuss how he can help you build a solid stealth marketing strategy, powerful narratives or brand partnerships

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Guest writing

His ideas and opinions have been featured on some of the top brands like Publish0x, Forbes and Authority magazine.

Invite him to write for your company as he brings his unique aspect and authority along

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