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Hi, my name is Himanshu and I help entrepreneurs launch and scale their businesses to 6 figures in annual revenue.

I am a computer science engineer turned into an entrepreneur and coach.

In 2018, I was struggling badly to pay back my education loan and create a meaningful life for myself. Despite making a few websites and making some money, I was nowhere close to living a life that I dreamt off.

This is where I met my first mentor and it transformed me forever. I entered the rabbit hole of personal development and slowly discovered my passion for helping other people build online businesses.

However, the internet is an overwhelming place. And soon, I got frustrated with information overload and confusing advice floating around from those so-called YouTube gurus. I saw myself suffering from the popular shiny object syndrome.

In 2020, I started observing successful people and discovered a common pattern. This was a transforming moment for me.

As soon as I found it, I launched my SaaS and consulting business and took it to $30,000 MRR within 12 months.

Now I am on a mission to help other entrepreneurs build a business they truly love to run. I am sharing everything I learned for FREE my YouTube channel and our exclusive community.

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