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Hi, I am Himanshu Bisht

I am an Internet entrepreneur, consultant and marketeer.

In 2019, I decided to come out from the back-end to help people to scale their business with my four years of experience in online marketing and growing my own lifestyle business. Thus I started my YouTube Channel and this website where I share everything that I learned in this journey.

Previously, I have travelled in 6 different countries and have been awarded with Train-the-Trainer certificate from world's largest event management company, Success Resources (fancy, huh!)

You can learn about my story on my About page.

In short, I went from a journey of "running behind every opportunity", to "making money but feeling useless while I sleep in night" to actually building a business that runs without selling my soul.

In May 2017, I graduated with an Engineering degree and over $10,000 (₹7,00,000) and a job "promise".

With the only mission to pay my education loan I made multiple websites in different niches and failed again and again.

With no real-marketing knowledge and a fancy computer science degree, I taught myself the art and science behind building online business with lots of trial and testing.

As I found my college education was pretty useless to build an online business, I went through a journey of learning and implementation once I left my college.

On my YouTube channel, I share many "how to" tutorials that worked for me and that took me months to figure out without a mentor.

I have wasted tonnes of money on buying online courses, attending webinars and I have found most of them useless and of no real value.

There are only a few courses that I would recommend as I personally gone through them and found them life saving. You can see all my recommended programs here

I have found mentors and I must say it would have taken another five six years before I could have figure everything out.

But you can learn everything for free on my YouTube channel and take your business and life to the next level.

Start below.


Don't forget to leave your comment below the post. I will be more than happy to reply.

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