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This article is not for everyone. To ditch a $1,000/mo website, you should have a website that makes this much (or you think it can make “up to” $1,000/mo)

So I am coming from a background where you drive traffic to your blogs and put affiliate links in your blog posts. When someone clicks on those links and make a purchase on the affiliate partner, you make money.

Yes! It’s this simple. I don’t want to criticize those “complicated strategy” gurus, but this is how you do it when you start.

This is all you need to reach the first $1000/mo. You create content that people are already interested in reading (aka they are already “looking” for); And monetize it with the products they are already interested in buying. Many great tools can tell you what your readers are looking for. Then you open your laptop and write.

I still laugh at those who are binge-watching “how to make money online” videos because it is this simple. The unsexy part is actually doing the thing: Creating content.

But this article is not about helping you launch a successful blog. It is about “ditching” your $1,000/mo blog idea. And I can tell you it’s tough.

It’s kinda like the relationship that pays you too little but asks you to sell your soul every night

But it is a relationship. And it hurts to walk away, especially when you have put hours of hard work to build it from scratch.

So why would you do it?

For years (3 years exactly), I made $1,000-$2,500 every month. I saw many $300 days and many $0 as well. And that all happened because I was following a $1,000/mo strategy.

You see… There is always a strategy.

People who make $1,000 after spending 9 hours in their job also follow a strategy.

$1,000/mo also needs a strategy. But you can hardly reach your first $10,000/mo with the same approach that took you from 0 to 1000.

Here is what I thought for years: if I have to make $10,000/mo, I need to do ten things that make me $1,000/mo. And it was disastrous. I was exhausted, not sleeping enough, not eating enough, and not enjoying the life that I was supposed to enjoy with all this.

You don’t have to do that.

Backtracking $1000/mo strategy

The $10,000/mo strategy is different from $1000/mo. And to implement it, you need to make a few sacrifices. But before it, let’s understand why it won’t work “mathematically.” This way, your subconscious will support you in making the right decision.

So, let’s say I want to earn $10,000/mo. Since I am already making $1,000/mo, I know where this money is coming from. And I have the most useful asset of the business, i.e. Data.

I make $20 for every product that people purchase after going through my link.

I know my conversion rates are 2%. That means if I drive 100 clicks to a partner website, two people will purchase the product.

So, I am making $1,000/mo because 50 people are buying a product that I recommend. And that also implies that I am sending 2,500 visitors to my affiliate website

2500x2/100 = 50

Now, let’s say 10% of people (real market stat) who visit my articles will click on my affiliate link. That means, for sending 2,500 people to the partner website, I need 25,000 unique visitors to my article.

25,000*10/100 = 2,500

I am not saying it’s not doable. I am not even saying You can’t do it. I am just telling you are doing too much for it.

So, how can we reach $10,000/mo

Once my back started hurting after spending nights working, I realized health is far more important than money. I saw smiles on those faces who I used to laugh at. I thought they are idiots as they are spending time in their jobs while building a business.

But it was me who was much miserable than them. They were spending Saturday watching Netflix, partying on weekends and going on annual vacations. It was their dream, and they were living it.

My dream was to build healthy morning habits; Spending time on the beach and spending more time with my girlfriend (finding one first). But I was not doing it. I was working like a robot for a future that was nowhere close.


Just like how we backtracked $1,000/mo, let’s do it for $10,000/mo.

There are a few variables to reach this milestone.

The first earning amount.

The second conversion rate.

Third, the total number of people we need to reach to achieve our target.

$10,000/mo = (commission)*(people who bought/people who visited)*(total visitors)

Here is the punchline

It takes same time, money and energy to promote a $100 product as it takes to promote a $10 product

So, the first thing to fix is commission. I am not going to promote a $20 product anymore.

We will go for a $100 product, i.e. A product that pays $100 for a successful sale.

So with same 2% conversion rate, I need only

$10,000/mo = ($100) * (2% of 5,000 people/mo)

Great! Only 5000 people or less than 200 people per day.

Much better than 2,500 people in our $1000/mo strategy.

Now, the conversion rate. I can not rely upon a 2% conversion rate. I will have to make sure more people who visit the offer purchase it.

Since I don’t have much control over how my partner company is convincing people to buy, I would instead pick a product that has a better conversion rate.

One such company is Clickfunnels that I have worked with. It offers a great commission rate, creates products that are super useful for my audience, and they have the highest conversion rates in the industry (up to 60% in many cases).

So, I will take a below-average rate of 10% (better if I create my own product)

So, now the improved equation would look something like this:

$10,000/mo = ($100)*(10% of 1000 people/mo)

Much better.

Now I need 1000 people who are willing to buy a product every month to make $10,000/mo.

With a typical 20% conversion rate on my website, I will need 5,000 people reading my article to send 1,000 people to the offer at a 20% conversion rate.

<light bulb> (I am well aware of the concept known as “upsell” but I will not dig into it in this post as I want to make $10,000 on front-end. Upsell will be considered as the pure profit)

So the mission is to drive 5,000 people on to my money content every month or 200 people every day.

Great. This sounds fair.

Here is my this month’s plan then.

Step #01: Find a product that pays $100 commission

(I will create my own product to even improve conversion rates and trust upon what I am offering. I can’t sell air)

Step #02: Create a dedicated sales page to sell this product

Step #03: Drive 5,000 high-quality people to this page

Bottom Line (Unsexy Things)

The plan looks simple (as it should) and achievable. But it will take “efforts” and consistency. But if you are up for the game and you need a program to start from scratch, funnel Challenge would be a valuable investment for many reasons. Just for a $100 investment, you will have lifetime access to online business training.

  1. You will learn how to create a product (or find one), so you don’t have to take a wild run and waste time in testing things.
  2. You will create an automated process to take people to step by step in a buying journey.
  3. You will learn how to drive traffic to your funnel.

I prefer this approach because it is scalable. More traffic I would throw, this time, more money I would generate.

If you do not want to invest $100 right now, you might want to start by reading this book, Dot Com Secret. This is the perfect book, and it has everything you need to reach our target milestone.

And yes! Creating your own product should always be preferred instead of selling someone else’s. However, if you are a complete beginner, start by promoting an affiliate product. It’s easy and fast.

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