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My name is Himanshu Bisht. I am an Entrepreneur, Marketeer and International certified trainer.

I work with startups and solo-entrepreneurs to develop effective content marketing strategic for Massive, "long-term" growth.

Along the way, I train solo entrepreneurs to develop an impactful personal brand based on their values.

I enjoy spending my time in Travelling, Reading, and Meditating when away from my business.

Years ago, one heated discussion with my father changed the course of my life forever.


I enjoy travelling and meeting with young, energetic entrepreneurs and helping them create an online business they can fall in love with, without selling their soul.


I still remember the day I was begging for 2000 bucks from my father to pay for books, and my father couldn't give me.

It was one hot evening in mid-July. I called my father from my boarding school, and I said, "papa! I need money".

And I still remember, he got silent for seconds.

"Hello," I said.

I couldn't hear anything. But I knew he was there. After a few moments, he said, "I can't give. I don't have money". 

I felt my cheeks got warm. Something started burning in my head. I wanted to throw the phone right away...

I didn't want to talk to him ever...

He is a great father. Great person. Won awards for his work for society. But when it came to money, our family was always like that.

The same answer. Again and again... All the time. 

Perhaps, that was the day I saw a rebel in me.

Years later, when I got consciousness, when I started reading, meditating and travelling, I realized he was not wrong. We all are like this. We are raised with our internal programming. And if it's not right, we mess up.

And that reflects in every part of our life. I realized nobody is wrong, but the environment.

In 2013, I got selected for one of the most prominent institutes to pursue engineering. Only after joining it, I found the dirty secrets of the education system.

Institutes were far away from the our childhood expectations. Everything we did in all those years was to find a job in "any company" that offers it.

And in 2017, I finally decided to quit my job and do "something else." Didn't know what... But not a job. 

I made a big list of things that "I don't want to do." With a fancy engineering degree and 500,000 of education loan, I started my entrepreneurship.

I have failed so many times that I started doubting myself if I am even capable of doing something or not after a while.

After spending months and months learning English, wasting hours on fixing a logo on the website, I build a website. That website... I changed everything. That helped me pay my education loan, enabled me to live a dream, and helped hundreds of students who were regular readers of my blog.

In building multiple websites, blogs and helping hundreds of people grow online, I learned many things that can save years of hard work and thousands of dollars

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