Himanshu Bisht

why i do what i do...

My name is Himanshu Bisht. 

I am from a beautiful place surrounded by tall Himalayan mountains. 

I am on this earth with a clear purpose to help other people to be more independent, wealthier, healthier and happier.


I love travelling and meeting with young energetic entrepreneurs and helping them becoming super-profitable by sharing their knowledge with the world.

I am a Vipassana meditation practitioner, teacher and certified trainer.

I love every moment of my life as I live my life helping other people to find their voice and sharing it with the world.


Flashback 2013

I was waiting for my university admission results eagerly. It was supposed to be a life transforming event for me. I was waiting to get admission into India's best (and one of the world's top most) college for graduation.

For a lower middle class family boy, it was one of the lifetime event. I had prepared hard for it. I was staying away from my family in a hostel. Studying damn hard for 12-14 hours every day to clear the exam and I was confident.

I was in pre-celebration mode, a little bit nervous but full of excitement that day.

And... BOOOOOM...

Result came out. 

I entered my username and password on that blinking screen. (I still remember)

It took it 2 seconds to load the page and my result was out.



You are not qualified for any college.

It took me another ten seconds to understand what has had just happened.

All my dreams, money, time, the sacrifice I was doing for last two years were gone.

I felt like crying but I couldn't. I saw myself crying in the corner of my heart, running in the dark, away from the world. My dream was shattering.

In the population of over 1 Billion people, I saw I have no place to live.

It's a crazy feeling when you put everything and you still don't get what you want.

I learned one of the biggest lesson that day.

My mother had to mortgage her wedding necklace to pay for my education, but she was not afraid. She was believing in me. 

That day, I promised myself, I will never let myself feel that miserable again...

I will make money...

Hell lot of money.

But I was wrong...

All the instances.

Getting bullied from my friends in childhood, living in frustrations and fear had made me a different version. I was not able to speak in front of people. 

Deep inside, I knew, money couldn't solve my issues. 

It was something beyond it.

I had became a slave of my fears and misery

I didn't want money. I wanted to be free. Independent. So no system can put myself in that situation again.

I knew doing a job was not an answer. I was afraid of working for someone. What if one day, the same thing happened again. What if they kicked me out in the middle...

I was afraid of almost everything (including talking to strangers)

I Wanted to Do Something Meaningful

I was living a meaningless life for years. Now I wanted to do something which could help other people like me. Who were confused, frustrated and wanted to win their lives.

But there were big challenges...

My family couldn't help me. Accepting a job was feeling a terrible decision to me and I had no resources.

So I decided to play the gamble

I borrowed 10,000 Rupee ($150) from my friends and invested it into my learning, buying a website. I hired 4 interns and started putting blog posts every day on the site.

We waited for weeks to see if anyone could really see what are we doing. 

There was no money without traffic.

Money was already over and we had no results at all.

My head was questioning myself. 

It was Aug, 2017.

I saw my first dollar in my advertising account. My first earning online. 

Soon enough, that website went up to 300,000 visitors every month.

All was going well. All the team was happy and we had great plans.

Until the New update from Google hit our website hard.

We went to rock bottom in no time. Our posts vanished from Google and social media. I had no idea what was wrong there.

And our advertising account got banned saying "policy violation".

This time is was a big hit. 

I was left alone. All my interns had left me. 

I was alone with my website and I had to do something.

The best I could do is to learn. As much as possible...

I put my head into building funnels and learning and relearning. 

I started bunking classes to work on my new website and funnel again 

and ...

Fast forward 12 months...

May 2019

I was going to Indonesia to enjoy my summer. My first solo international trip. 

I had paid back my education loan last year. My mother had started her training business as I was able to support her and I...

was feeling independent.

Helping thousands to become independent, healthy and happy.

I was feeling independent 

All happened because I took a decision to stop watching and start creating.

Becoming a creator was the best thing I did ever.

Would you mind if I give you free training to become a creator?

Right! Awesome.

Here it is


Share your expertise, knowledge and passion with the world by becoming a profitable creator.


Copyright 2019, Himanshu Bisht