Hello! My New Friend.

My name is Himanshu Bisht.

I am on this earth with a clear mission of empowering people towards their financial, emotional and spiritual freedom.

I am really happy that you are reading this. 

Thank you so much!!!

My current life

Himanshu Bisht - Entrepreneur

I am a young Internet Entrepreneur, Teacher and a Vipassana meditation practitioner.

I run a digital agency and work "100%" from home or while travelling.

I train people like you to build their Successful 6-figure Internet Business by doing what you love just like I did. Specially through educating other people.

My Background

I was born in a remote Himalayan village in the state of Uttarakhand, India.

My father and mother have spent their lives in uplifting others lives through social work. For my entire life, I have seen my father fighting for others' rights and trying to help them.

There came many phases in our childhood days when we had no ration in our home and no money at all. After leaving my home to study in a hostel, I never celebrated my birthday for 5 years and never eat in a restaurant. That was the time when I realized this simple truth: MONEY IS IMPORTANT.

For every good-hearted person, for every mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, for every "human", MONEY IS IMPORTANT.

But here was the big problem.

Nobody around us Teaches about Money. I didn't know how to manage money, how to make money and how to GIVE money. 

There was even bigger problem than it. I was struggling to get Clarity in my life. Without having clarity, I couldn't make money from anything and I wanted to make money so badly.

More I grew older, more I required money. For education, health, dreams, needs, for friends, family.

And I found my mentor! 



Himanshu after diving

Here is the Most Interesting Part

I was reading books about making money while you sleep and passive income and entrepreneurship and what not. One thing was obvious, Job is not going to help me much.

I took a loan from my friend and built my first startup "BeInfolks". We were connecting students with each others for their projects. Kind of social network.

And our website got hacked. Damn! THE END!

We had no money, no support and in fact, we were just noobs, without skills.

And I tried one more and one more and one more time.

And failed every single time BEFORE I MET MY MENTOR. His lessons were transforming and his education was exceptional. I went from $8000 in debt to building an Internet lifestyle for myself. I am truly thankful that I am writing this.

If you can resonate with Me!


... And I Learned This


HAVING clarity is everything...

“Himanshu helped me to overcome my seven year long struggle with clarity of my mind. Thank you for helping me technically, emotionally, and mentally.  I am unstoppable now.

Jude Fonki, SA

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And A Family...

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Himanshu Bisht- profile

Towards Your Freedom

Himanshu Bisht


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