Himanshu Bisht

why i do what i do...

My name is Himanshu Bisht. 

I was born in a remote hilly town surrounded by tall Himalayan mountains in northern India; near China border.

I work and travel around the world while helping individuals to grow their business online with scientific marketing strategies.

My mission is to assist and inspire individuals to discover a life filled with freedom and abundance.


I love travelling and meeting with young energetic entrepreneurs and helping them create an online business they can fall in love with.

I run online workshops, write blogs and assist people personally to help them overcome the challenges they are facing while growing their business.

I am a Vipassana meditation practitioner, teacher and certified coach.


Flashback 2013

I was waiting for my university admission results eagerly. It was supposed to be a life transforming event. And there was a reason behind it. I was supposed to enter into country's best college for my graduation.

For a lower middle class family boy, it was one of the lifetime event. I had prepared hard for it. I was staying away from my family in a hostel. Studying freaking hard for 12-14 hours every day to clear the exam and I was confident.

I was in pre-celebration mode, a little bit nervous but full of excitement that day.

And... BOOOOOM...

Result came out. 

I entered my username and password on that blinking screen. (I still remember)

It took it 2 seconds to load the page and my result was out.



You are not qualified for any college.


It took me another ten seconds to understand what has had just happened. I felt wetness in my eyes, sweat in my hands.

All my dreams, money, time, the sacrifice of last two years vanished within seconds.

I felt like crying but I couldn't. I saw myself crying in the corner of my heart, running in the dark, away from the world. My dream was shattering.

In the population of over 1.3 Billion people, I couldn't see a place to live.

It's a crazy feeling when you put everything and you still don't get what you want.

I learned one of the biggest lesson that day... I had nothing to lose

My mother had to sell her wedding necklace to pay for my education, but she was not afraid. She was believing in me. 

That day, I promised myself, I will never let myself feel that miserable again...

Fast forward 12 month

... will keep updating


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