Entrepreneurship is a crazy journey. You need a lot of thrust to uplift in the beginning. Even though I am not a big fan of motivation as having a true purpose is more important, Sometimes, reading good quotes really help to boost morale and help to fight with a dilemma.

Starting a business from scratch is exactly like planting a tree. First, you have to plan a seed when it is not even visible. You need to care for it and protect it from the weeds and other animals.

Once it stands tall, your business fulfills your dreams and it feeds hundreds of families together.

Reading to inspiring quotes said by the experienced entrepreneurs is a beautiful experience if you are ready to implement them. No matter how many good business books you study and how many statistics you read, nothing can beat the experience one gain by trying, testing, failing and learning.

Here are some of the best Quotes about Entrepreneurship which can help you to uplift and inspire you to achieve greatness.

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How You Do Anything is How You Everything

I was in an event by Harv (I am fortunate enough to become his mentee), when he said this and it hit my mind. This was the reason why many people don’t get success in business. Because they focus on “somethings” which they feel important.

But the truth is, you have to take care of everything you do. Even in your daily life.

Harv Eker's thought on actions

Be The Change You Want to See in The World

Gandhi was, perhaps, the most influential person in the 20th century. He was not just a human but a thought. This peal of wisdom by Mahatma Gandhi is important to understand as an Entrepreneur.

The business is about changing people’s lives. Marketing is just a part of it. And the change starts with your own life.

Gandhi's best lines for new entrepreneurs

We Become What We Think About

Gautam Buddha was bord around 2500 years ago. He once said, everything happening in your mind is nothing but the manifestation of your own thoughts. It clearly means you have to dream and design properly every goal before you want to see it happening in reality.

Tsan Tzu, the Chinese general born in 400 BC said the very similar thing. He tells the warrior who wins the war wins it a thousand times in the mind before he actually goes for it.

Buddha's quote on thoughts and mind

Entrepreneurship is about Turning What Excites You Into the Capital. So That You Can Do More of It and Move Forward With It

Brandson, the founder of the Virgin group explains the entrepreneurship in a simple way. These lines he shares about Entrepreneurship explains why you must do something you are truly passionate about to get success in business.

Richard Brandson about following your passion and success

Everyone Can Tell You The Risk. An Entrepreneur Can See The Reward

The writer of Bestselling book, Rich dad poor dad, Robert Kiyosaki is a billionaire investor and philanthropist.

He says, 95% of the wealth is owned by only 5% of the population. And they all are either businessmen or the investors. He shares his views on entrepreneurship in this way, everyone out there is ready to tell you what is not going to work. But it needs an entrepreneurial mind to see the result after the hustle.

Robert T Kiyosaki's best entrepreneurship quote

To Become Rich, First Go and Find Your Niche

My mentor shared me something I will never forget. He says, to become rich, you have to carve your niche. Because this is what smart entrepreneurs do.

This is the most practical advice you should start working upon as a new entrepreneur. Go and find what inspires you. i.e. Find Your Niche

Rich thought for aspiring entrepreneurs

Life is a Matter of Choice. And Every Choice You Make, Makes You

Maxwell is one of the most prominent names in the leadership and salesmanship. He says you have to make choices because life is about the consequences of the choices you make.

choice quote about life and business

You Do Not Build Business – You Build People and Then People Build Business

As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to building leaders in your team so that you can create more impactful businesses. Zig Ziglar’s quote shares the importance of this act.

Zig ziglar's words on leadership and entrepreneurship

Tough Time Never Last. But Tough People People Do

I leave the explanation of this quote for you. As a marketeer and an entrepreneur, this is what we can never forget. Isn’t?

tough time quote for young entrepreneurs

Someone is Sitting in the Shade Today Because Someone Planted a Tree Long Time Ago

I would like to end this post by sharing one of the most beautiful thoughts ever shared on entrepreneurship by Warren Buffett.

These lines explain why it is important to build systems first so that you can reap the reward later.

best entrepreneurship quotes - warren buffett

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Inspiration is crucial. It is a mental fuel which will drive you in your early days. I found all the lines I shared very inspirational which will fill your young mind with inspiration and more ideas.

About the Author Himanshu

Himanshu Bisht is a Content Marketing and Sales Automation expert, Digital Nomad entrepreneur, and Consultant. He works with entrepreneurs to help them grow online with his proven marketing methods. Himanshu was able to go from $10,000 in education debt to building a location independent business with the strategies he shares.

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