Webinar Domination

Webinar Domination Challenge

4 Modules 8 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

What will you do in the next four weeks if your sales are going down, you are losing your customers due to crisis and competition is rising before your eyes...

To bounce back in business. To build a new channel of growth and security...

Step-by-step, brick-by-brick... Build a "Webinar domination Strategy" for turning cold prospects into your passionate customers with Himanshu Bisht

Course Gameplan

Conscious Entrepreneurs - Premium
2 Lessons

Setting up the right foundation

Imagine if you, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, could actually see what is already working.

The best way to get your first breakthrough in your webinars is by analyzing what is working and modelling success.

Let's jump in

Conscious Entrepreneurs - Premium
2 Lessons

How to create Your Winning Webinar Presentation

What if you can make a script that wins your customers even before they buy. They follow you on social media just because they attended your webinar.

They feel proud to be around you... Is this even possible?

Today, you will build your own unique webinar script.

Conscious Entrepreneurs - Premium
2 Lessons

Webinar Funnel Setup Masterclass

Today and during this week, you will be setting up your webinar funnel.

It will bring customers to your webinar, remind them to attend your webinar and sell them your services and products... even when you are sleeping.

Sounds cool?

Conscious Entrepreneurs - Premium
2 Lessons

Webinar Traffic Masterclass

This is a special week. 

So far, we have our infrastructure ready. Think of it as building a ship that is taking you from your island to a new one. A new island of your dreams and vision.

Today, you will discover the ultimate traffic strategy to start driving traffic from social media without much effort.

You have got a service that can change people's lives, can make money and transform your life forever. It's time to get the first sale...

Let's start