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New entrepreneurs always find themselves running between Business Opportunities.

SaaS to online courses to the agency and consulting to blogging, affiliate, and dropshipping… It’s endless

Here is the cure for your Shiny Object System

SOS: The biggest disease entrepreneurs suffer from.

Years ago, I was diagnosed with it. I was niche-jumping back then (just like I still do sometimes).

I was trying to build an agency while working on my five blogs. I had three other domains I wanted to work on ‘soon.’

You see, Most of the stuff online is sold by marketers, who suffer from their own Dunning-Kruger effect.

Marketers make it appear like marketing itself is the most important part of business.

So, we start believing that the best entrepreneurs are the best marketers.

While Selling is a critical skill for an entrepreneur, Marketing is NOT.

Marketing, essentially, is the “Amplification of a working Proof of Concept.”

But making marketing itself a big deal comes with a cost. It creates an illusion that “marketing is the product.”

So we see Marketers selling How-to-market courses to more marketers so they can sell more marketing services.

And here we are: Into an endless marketing ponzi trap.

But what does it have to do with SOS?

Well, most people jump from Niche to Niche or Business model to business model because they find themselves unable to go deep into one subject.

If you study a subject deeply, you become an expert in it—a genius. But this comes with a cost.

The ability to create takes away your ability to articulate and explain things.

It is not uncommon to see geniuses struggling to explain their craftwork to a general audience.

An expert lives in his own bubble, and this is why they need people who can articulate for them. So, you see, where does sales fit in here?

Coming back to Shiny Object Syndrome…

You will see programmers hating their jobs but still continuing to do them. The same is true for Mathematicians, Artists, dancers, and Musicians.

But as soon as you become an entrepreneur and get exposed to the “Marketing is the product” trap, you also expose yourself to the risk of SOS.

And it’s not your fault. Most content on these topics is created by marketers and not entrepreneurs.

And as you build your business and the more you involve yourself with marketing and less with fulfillment, the more you keep falling into this…

Your desire to ‘explore’ starts playing against you.

You become exposed to multiple ideas, but at the same time, you end up creating a deep belief that marketing is the most important thing.

And this innocent misalignment becomes a massive tangle…

Wherever you go, you desire to monetize, market, and scale.

You are no longer the innocent hero who loved his craft. You fall in love with the add-on, the side-kick.

So, coming back to the point.

What is the cure for Shiny Object Syndrome:

1. Find something that you genuinely enjoy doing at the moment. No shit.

2. Do more of it

3. More

4. More

5. Right there.

6. Become a good student of the craft itself.

You see, you only need two things:

1. An incredibly valuable product (Creation)

2. Your ability to explain why it is good (Articulation)

Leave the rest to the marketers who are willing to help you.

Remember, marketing is an amplification of an existing proof of concept.

Your goal as an entrepreneur is to build that Proof of Concept.

Marketing does NOT sell the product. It helps a good product reach the masses.

That is it.

That’s what you want.

Congrats if you are still here. Attention span is dead on the internet.

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