Sell Your Online Course and Service Directly from Your Website... without buying an overrated funnel software

Tired of  Expensive Funnel Hype in the market?


The so-called social media "gurus" are telling everyone why you will surely fail without buying an expensive funnel software. 

I am sure you are seeing social media is becoming advertising graveyard as hundreds of advertisers joining Facebook.

Competition is uncontrollable.

Companies (and their affiliates) are trying to sell expensive magic software and promising fake over-night success.

The truth is, Advertising is no more like what it used to be 3 years ago.

Everything has changed now in 2020. 

Big brands are spending millions of dollars to hijack your chances to grow by showing manipulative ads and selling expensive funnel solutions. And if you have bought into one, it's NOT your fault. Big brands are manipulating people to believe that buying a software will make you successful.

Tell me if you are relate with any of the things below:

  • You are tired of so much hype around funnels yet failed to understand anything which you can truly implement.
  • You are Hustling like crazy with no results. You are paying money and invest a lot of time and energy on some random software and courses and still don't get the result.
  • You are frustrated by all conflicting information on the Internet. You are hearing the same outdated information again and again.
  • You are losing motivation as you are seeing so much competition out there. You are afraid that you won't stand out and make a difference above other noises.

If you said yes! to any of the points above, You are at the right place.

It's time to STOP Doing what are you doing immediately.

Your competitors still have no idea of what you are going to discover on this page... At least, not today. Soon it will be a common knowledge.

The Truth is, You Don't need huge investment to scale an online business

Not even if some clean shaved guy pops up from no where and tell you to buy an expensive program.

Not even when some guru will keep forcing you to buy a funnel software which you will never use...

Specially when you are starting up and you have no idea where to start with.

By the way: Most people are paying huge monthly fee to these expensive software without making even a single rupee just because of the hype... So yes! This sh*t is real...

I am going to show you how to make $63,059 extra with the help of DIY Funnel Today

Big claim, but allow me to show you this simple strategy.

An average profitable funnel costs $3000 or more which many marketers will not tell you.

You can save at least $2165 every year by creating your DIY funnel instead of using an expensive, buggy software which most people don't even log in for weeks. 

That means, you can save this money and put into advertisement immediately.

They say $1 saved is $1 earned. And here, $1 saved is $29.7 earned... 

Let's do some math...

If you get one lead per $1, this means now you are getting 2165 extra leads.

That means, 2165 more potential customers who can pay you for your service without paying anything extra.

If you are getting 3% conversion for a $97 product, it means $97*0.3*2165 = $63,059.7 extra income from the product you are promoting.

Would you like to make $63,059 extra from the same traffic?

YES! right.

Who wouldn't?

Imagine, how much money people are giving to big companies by running into the hype creating in the market, specially when they are starting up.


Buying an expensive software doesn't guarantee your success.

I know this, because I was exactly there.

I am standing against the idea of blindly following the hype without understanding the principles. The fear spread by some big companies are their associates who don't really want you to grow.

Here is the simple rule of funnel marketing


I wasted over $2000 on these over-hyped tool which I never practically made profit from...

Let me tell you where was I, before I decided to turn my website into a funnel.

Many people told me websites don't work anymore. They said, You will fail if you will not build a funnel and I was scared like hell.

I desperately kept buying into the hype and paid hundreds of dollars out of my fear for expensive Softwares.

Every month there was a big invoice thrown on my face and I had to pay it from my own bank account with a hope of getting my money back.

I was forced to believe that there is no other way to succeed on the Internet.

And it never happened.  

I was running out of money but kept paying for these software like a fool.

Everyone around me told making a profitable DIY funnel is near to impossible.

I was forced to depend on a software to run my business only because of my ignorance.

And there was a reason I was blindly running behind the hype

Big companies with millions of dollars (and their blind followers) were promoting funnel software as a magic pill of success.

There was no "ultimate" program and support system which was teaching me to setup a DIY funnel AKA "DO IT YOURSELF" Funnel. 

There were outdated YouTube videos and resources which I could never rely upon for my business.

The only reason I was compelled to pay hundreds of dollars to these software was, there was no community of DIY Entrepreneurs.

There were hundreds of contradicting advises and alternatives on social media and YouTube

More and more people wanted to promote expensive software and I was forced to believe that I CAN NOT DO IT BY MYSELF

Yes! I invest money to learn and grow. But I could never accept running a business which is in loss because of the hype


  • Your website is not dead. It is the part of your funnel
    That means people are visiting your website before buying your product. You need to turn your whole website into funnel by yourself.
  • Your DIY WordPress funnel will save you 50% more money which you can use in your business and learning. That means 200% more profit than other people if you do it right.
  • If you master DIY Funnel, you will have two way advantage in your business.
    From one side, you will be having more conversions than others because every page of your website will force internet to help you get more leads. And on the other side, you will be saving more money than your competitors which you can use to get more traffic.

This is the perfect time to be a part of

DIY Funnel Movement

Ones I understood the DIY Funnel strategy, I saw the magic happening in front of my eyes.

Where industry was crying at 1-2% conversion rate (and most people were not even tracking it), I was shining at 30% conversion rates with my DIY funnel despite of all the hype spreading in the market.

Once I stopped listening to the over-hyped advice, I became empowered. I knew exactly what was I doing.

You will have More Control over Your business

Imagine, having wisdom and power to use every page of your website with laser-sharp effectiveness. Would that be amazing to have complete control over your sales process.

The Freedom and Independence in your business as you are no more running like a sheep and keep wasting money.

Instead, now you have the control. You are no longer possessed by the marketing hype. You have the power to choose what you want to create and how you want to sell it. And your blog, video, and every page is supporting you in your success.

You are saving more and making more while your competitors are still trying to keep singing the funnel software song.

This will change the game for you... forever

DIY Funnel Mastery Workshop


I am going to reveal everything you need to know to create a high-converting DIY funnel... Starting from scratch.

Once you enter, you will discover the "3-step minimal funnel structure" you want to develop to quick-start your funnel marketing. Forget all complicated images flexed by expensive software.

Imagine, having a complete working funnel ready within 4 hours. 

Yes! right...

Once implemented, you will have your first, high-converting DIY funnel ready within 4 hours with the SPY-AVATAR formula taught inside the workshop.

  1. 1
    You will discover the SPY AVATAR method to create the "perfect" image of your target customer. So, when you will build your funnel, you will have crisp clear idea whom you are talking to... (This is insaaaane)
  2. 2
    You will master the "technical part" of funnel design starting from buying a domain and a hosting for you... That means, no more buying into the fear created by big companies.
  3. 3
    You will discover 3 most important videos you need to build a high-converting DIY funnel. This is the secret to get over 30% conversions when industry average is 1.75%...
  4. 4
    And there is a lot more...

Look what past customers are saying

Now I can finally work on my passion

 Ideas in my head were jumping like volcano. Connecting with Himanshu was the best decision of my life.  Now I can finally work on my passion.

Jude Fonki
- Cape Town / South Africa

"One thing I have learned from Himanshu is clarity"

 Most important thing I learned from Himanshu is clarity about business and where to start and how to pick right product and how to setup thing and which tools are require and color psychology for website desiging and many more things and now I am working my own project again

Kundan Singh
- Noida/ India

"Reach out to a funnel doctor who knows his stuff"

“Just had a big call with Himanshu regarding my "Mindmap DIY funnel".

It was amazing. Himanshu knows his stuff and gives insane value to those who want"

Infinity Karthik
- Digital Coach / Bangalore, India

Welcome to the Gang of Rebels and DIY Funnel Builders

Get instant access to the DIY Funnel Workshop and build Your own DIY Funnel on WordPress within 120 minutes. For $197 $49 right now.

Yes! that is right... Only for $49 for a limited time (Equivalent to ₹3,700/-)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

I stand with my customers in their darkest time...

This is the reason people love to work with me... 

Himanshu Bisht

DIY Funnel Builder and trainer

Creator of the Program

My name is Himanshu Bisht. I am a DIY Funnel builder and creator coach.
I am a part of an underground tribe who strongly believe in taking action. We believe that to build a strong business online, you need to "DO IT YOURSELF".

We stand for authenticity and action, Against the big companies who are sucking entrepreneurs' money and making them handicapped by providing "done for you" solutions.

About an year ago, I was running behind funnel hype running in the market. I was that one guy who was putting all his hard earned money on buying expensive software even if it was not profitable... Only because everyone's talking about it, I was buying every other program out of my fear.

And I was pissed off from inside. One day, I took a decision to conquer this fear and decided to create my own DIY Funnel. And it changed everything.

My mission is to help 10,000 people to become independent through their Internet business.

YES! You are can also Do It Yourself even if you think technology is Alien

I get it. I know you are not technical. This is why this workshop covers two parts.
First, to learn the "secret science of funnel marketing" for new funnel builders and then really building a funnel by getting your hands dirty.

I will walk you through each and every step of it. And you will have life-time access to the program so you can come back to it later.

So, yes! this is for you even if you are really bad with technology. I am here to help you...

You don't need big investment to create your funnel

You will become a DIY Entrepreneur. You are starting from scratch, you don't have a safety net, you can't afford to pay a lot of money to software. 

But you are willing to invest in what is needed. this is exactly what it takes. To learn the strategy so you can have freedom to pick whatever you want. You can be cost efficient and more effective 

Learning DIY Funnel vs Buying Expensive Software

Here is the clear reason why I want you to get this workshop immediately, before the price go high and you miss the insane value associated with this education.

Custom DIY Funnel

  • You have now more control over your content and landing pages. That means, having a choice to switch if you want
  • You have more freedom to experiment and test. That means, you can work on which works and stop which doesn't
  • DIY funnel is at least 40% cheaper than a funnel software. That means, you can use this money to get more traffic.
  • DIY Funnel is made on the top of your website. That means, Your every page and blog post is bringing you more sales and lead.
  • Your funnel pages get you free organic traffic. That means, extra profit without paying for ads.

Expensive Funnel Software

  • Funnel software force you to use their software. Even if something wrong happens with their servers and your landing page takes ages to load.
  • Most funnel software are over-priced and force people to feel obliged to pay even if they are just starting up.
  • Your website is also a part of your funnel. Funnel software ignore the website. That means, you are losing lots of potential leads for your business.
  • Most landing pages designed on funnel software don't perform good in search engine. So there are very rare chance of getting free traffic and free money. Until you have huge capital to put.

So, here is everything you are going to get instantly

  • Lifetime access to DIY Funnel Workshop worth $197 
  • SPY AVATAR Formula to create your perfect buyer's image even before you start selling. (This is insaaaane)
  • 3-Step Minimal Funnel Blueprint to implement and get more clients and sales.
  • FREE Access to VIP Resource Center. Get to know all recommended tools to learn and master marketing.  
  • Access to DIY Funnel Builder Community to get motivated, learn and master.
  • ​Access to LIVE Facebook coaching calls.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I care for your success more than most people in the world. Here is my mother-promise guarantee so you can comfortably proceed and transform your life.

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you attend the workshop, and don't see huge value inside, just let me know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Himanshu Bisht

YES! I Want to Create My DIY Funnel before it's too late

How much it costs to create a DIY Funnel?

I am completely new to funnel marketing. Can I join the workshop?

How can I contact you before I purchase?

I don't want to leave my funnel software. Will this training still be useful for me?

​Where can I ask doubts if I stuck?

Why are you selling this for $49?

Do I need a website to build a DIY Funnel

I am not a technical person. Can I also learn DIY Funnel and save money

P.S.: I am here to walk together with you to level up your game. In the journey of becoming a better version of yourself, you need the right system, and here it is... In front of you for a price which is no-brainer.
You will get life-time access to "DIY Funnel Workshop" which will save you more, make you more and turn your website into a conversion machine. If you get stuck, you will have access to Facebook group, LIVE Weekly get-together session, access to resource center and funnel blueprints. That means, you don't need to look further and buy into market hype. 
You can be different from the blind sheep race and DO IT FOR YOURSELF.