If you want to build mobile applications but don't want to go through the tiring process of learning to code, Gappsy can be perfect for you.

In this complete Gappsy review, You will discover if it is a tool worth your price and attention or not.

By the way, I recently talked to my friend Baratu, the CEO of Gappsy, and he is ready to give a "lifetime deal" to everyone who signs up with this link. If you want, you can get it before it's gone forever.

What is Gappsy

If you have ever tried to create android or iOS applications, you already know how hard it is. Some websites can help you create simple apps, but the product is mostly useless for practical use.

I found Gappsy that makes a solid job designing applications without you needing to know the technology. You can create advanced mobile applications in just five steps.

There are a few good and bad points that are important to mention. I liked Gappsy, and I am using it personally. However, I couldn't like a few things about the mobile app builder that I am still waiting to improve.

Gappsy Key Features Review

  • Drag and drop mobile application builder. No need to learn techniques to design applications.
  • Hundreds of templates and boilerplate to design features and interface.
  • Lots of layouts and customization features. You can change anything you want including fonts, colors, or content.
  • Intuitive interface. Takes you to step by step through the simple app development process.
  • Easy monetization features. You can start showing ads with just a few clicks with Google Admob.
  • Easy integration with other applications with webhooks. So if you are familiar you can communicate between multiple apps (this is an advanced feature and it is optional)
  • A Big Library of features to develop are available. Building advanced apps is possible.
  • Real-time tracking for your application performance.
  • You can white label their products.
  • One-click option to upload apps on Google play store and Apple app stores.


Gappsy costs $37/mo for the basic plan and $57/mo for the premium plan. However, you can get a lifetime deal by paying $147 for a limited time.

It offers a 14-days refund so you can try it risk-free. Since mobile app development costs thousands and still you might need regular support from a developer, this is a steal.

What could be better

Gappsy is a great tool. It solves a big problem if you know nothing of technology but wants to make money with mobile applications. However, it is not perfect.

  • You can only develop apps for less than 500 users in the basic plans. 
  • The Software User Interface looks a little old-school and messy. It lacks minimalism and elegance.
  • There is no free trial. They have a 14-days refund policy so you are covered but free trials feel better to me.

Gappsy Software Review

Gappsy uses a proprietary application to offer a drag-and-drop mobile application builder. Here are a few examples of applications you can develop for Android and iOS.

  • Mobile commerce
  • Loyalty Card
  • QR Coupons
  • Taxi Ride
  • Meals
  • Scratch Card
  • Radio or Podcast App

These are only a few features you can integrate into your applications. Of course, you can integrate these features with each other to bring more creative angles to design.

Customer Support Experience

Customer support at Gappsy is outstanding. I received a reply within one hour of sending my query. Also, they have a dedicated ticket system and resource center where you can raise concerns and ask doubts.

Simple Guide to Gappsy

Inside this training, you can learn how I developed my basic "restaurant application". I didn't add features like push notifications, people, and themes in my project. Also, there is a lot of scope for using Analytics to see the real-time performance.

But in the above YouTube video, you can see how it feels to use the Gappsy interface. You can export APK files to run the final product on Android mobile. This step by step guide gives a complete tutorial to Gappsy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get lifetime access?

Yes! Only for a limited time, you can pay once and use Gappsy for lifetime access to the platform.

Do I need to have an android studio or any knowledge of programming languages?

No! The whole idea is to design apps without coding. So as long as you know how to interact with a website, you can build mobile apps in simple five steps as I shared in the tutorial earlier.

Final Verdict

Gappsy is a good gadget for anyone who wants to build mobile applications but doesn't know how to code (or not interested in it). You discovered everything you need to know before getting your copy of the Gappsy app builder in this review. 

While it has a long way to go in terms of overall user experience, Gappsy does save a lot of money for solo entrepreneurs and small teams.

Gappsy applications are easy to monetize with inbuilt Admob integrations and custom code features. And you can develop apps for small business owners.

Instead of spending thousands on a developer, you can go ahead and build iOS and Android apps in as little as five days for a tiny investment.

About the Author Himanshu

Himanshu Bisht is a Content Marketing and Sales Automation expert, Digital Nomad entrepreneur, and Consultant. He works with entrepreneurs to help them grow online with his proven marketing methods. Himanshu was able to go from $10,000 in education debt to building a location independent business with the strategies he shares.

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