7 Killer Ideas to Write A Post That Converts

Art of writing an engaging post is not a cake-walk. Not at least for a non-native speaker (like me). But thanks to the researches happening in human psychology and marketing which have helped millions like me to write good posts by following simple rules. I have written over 11 blog posts which perform well in search engines and help me earning over $1000 extra.

I have written thousands of posts, but my top eleven blog posts have a typical pattern which I will share with you in the following article below. Instead of talking about search engine optimized blog post or a viral blog post, I will limit my words to writing a good sale-copy aka high-converting blog post.

A conversion-focused blog post has typically three essential aspects (as shared in the image below).

Blog post mindmap

  • Logical Point-of-View Backed by the Emotions.
  • Perfect Reader Selection. (This is a New Trick)
  • The Social-Proof.

Now, while I am writing this post, sitting in my beautiful home office, I can see an unskilled labourer working outside, singing a song and working meditatively. Ah! He is inspiring me more to put my heart into doing what I love and encouraging more people like me.

Let’s see how can you add all these three ingredients into your post. And let me tell you, you don’t even need a 3000-words long blog-post as many marketing gurus suggest. It has its own advantages, but when it comes to conversions, the above three points are essential (more than anything else).

3 Ingredients of High Converting Blog Post

Before discussing the seven ideas to write a post that converts, let’s first see the vital components of it.

Logical Statements Backed by Emotion

The mind loves clarity. And it likes to reason. But the trigger is not in the logic. You must support your comments with the emotion.

This is a pearl of pure wisdom. Have a look at these two statements:

“Get Your Free eBook and Learn to Grow Your Business.”


“I Went from $30k in debt to $300k after applying the techniques mentioned here.”

You should have your answer now. Write headlines or highlight essential points which pull attention and use emotions in them. And don’t write anything false. Write things only if you can explain to them when somebody asks you to do so.

Reader Selection

This is one of the latest tricks I recently came to know about. And it is as simple as reading this: “Stay focused.” You have to be clear about your audience. Whom are you writing for? For example, you can write a blog post for “Teenager girls with a stress problem.” But this is NOT THE RIGHT WAY.

Here it is:

Think of that ONE GIRL with the Name: Maria. The young teen girl of age 17. She will turn eighteen this march. Portrait her face in your mind, her struggle and how can you advise her to change her life forever. What will be the most powerful statements you will give her.

To brief it up: give something which helps.

Haven’t you seen those YouTubers who throw random stuff at you without even understanding what they say? Let me know in the comments if you have seen them. Don’t be the person to write a converting post.

The Social Proof

I don’t remember how many times I have smiled over those beautiful websites with stunning designed but no social backups. People want to see things in action before they pull-up their cards to pay you. Social proofs are important. Earn social proofs by giving free services or do whatever.

Find out some people who speak the same language as your reader. Their words should make your readers comfortable that they are not alone in the journey.

Now if you have understood the basic foundation of a helpful post, let’s move on to see the seven ideas big brands use to write their posts.

Most of them are so simple and evident that you will feel silly for not recognizing them till now.

Remaining 4 Hacks to Write A Profitable Blog Post – That Converts

I don’t want to write obvious stuff. You can find it anywhere on the internet. But all the posts which the reader reads till the last (or till the point you want him to understand) have these common patterns.

Use 3 Headlines for the Answers – 2 Headlines for the Call-to-Action

You can change the ratio, but meat remains the same. Most of ’em will NEVER READ YOUR ARTICLE. So arrange your headlines in such a fashion that they answer what the reader wants and should include the call to action.

It feels terrible to know, people don’t want to read what you have written, but this is the Truth. This can be a tough exercise to find the keywords which explain and encourage at the same time, but check the foundation rule #01 (Logic with Emotion) and things will be more straightforward.

Don’t Act Like A Professional Copywriter – Professionalism is Useless

People hate companies. (I don’t know why). In the deep sub-conscious level, they don’t want to talk to big brands. They want to listen to “Someone Like Them.” So use simple words. Easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow. Keep professionalism for white-papers and press-releases. When it comes to a blog post, that must be a blog post. (And not a sales-copy).

Use Bullet Points to Bring More Clarity

Bullet points make life a lot easier. Use bullet points to write anything and everything which can be rendered in several steps. You can even be more creative while writing your bullet points, by giving x and “ticks” or something else. Use Red for denial and Green for acceptance. (Or something like that).

After all, Colors are Important.

Use Images and Videos Whenever It’s Possible

Images and videos engage people more than text-copy. At Side Hustle India, I always encourage people to choose recording videos overwriting the blog post (why am I writing this!)

Check out Movavi Video Editor, which is one of the best video editor and recorder under the budget. Also, if you want to leverage the power of images for your posts, head to the copyright free libraries like Pixabay and Unsplash.

killer blog post writing tips image

There is More to Learn About Making Successful Blogs

I train people to turn their passion into a profitable business at Side Hustle India.

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