Meditation is a process that can be of great help into your business as an entrepreneur. I use yoga, Pilates, a good old-fashioned run in the park, and anything else I can think of to calm my nerves and keep my head clear and focused.

I have worked hard to keep my body fit, and my business was running smoothly. These dynamic messages used in meditation can be used during yoga to improve my work.

While meditating during yoga class several years ago, the coach told us to feel that each movement is a new beginning. This made me think of my own business, which was just a fledgling startup at the time.

In my day to day struggle as an entrepreneur, every project and each new contact could potentially take my business in a new direction.

After making this connection, I knew that meditation had a lot to teach me about business. Since then I’ve learned to apply some basic principles to think about my work, and you can do it.

Start applying the principles of meditation in your career by showing your work as a living being. Each direction the being goes in is, in fact, a new beginning. View this positively for everything is ever-changing and accepting that it is a necessary part of enjoying your life and your business.

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It is also important to pause throughout your day and feel refreshed all over the body. In case you are stressed out at work, or you feel your shoulders or back stiffening after a tense meeting or an especially taxing day, take the time to make yourself physically comfortable.

It has enabled me to sit erect, with my spine in a comfortable position the feet well placed on the floor, and my hands relaxed in my lap and that I should breathe diaphragmatically.

When I have had a rough day or when I need a break, but cannot leave my office, I take a deep breath and count to four. I breathe in and out counting four or five times to quiet my mind.

I keep remembering to breathe normally. I try to relax and let the thoughts come and then let them go. As you practice, the interference you feel at first will subside, and you will be able to experience only that moment fully.

I must also remind myself to be easy on myself. Making use of these simple acts during the day can clear my mind and keep me focused longer while reducing the physical strain that comes with sitting at my desk for hours on end.

While there is a lot more to meditation than just learning the techniques and motions, I find that employing what I learn at my gym easily transfers into my work life.

Meditation is an entire state of mind and a whole different way of looking at the world and the role you play in it. To help you understand this better, try taking a yoga class during the week.

The cost (which might seem considerable for an entrepreneur with a strained budget) is worth it when you weigh the mental, physical and spiritual benefits.

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Himanshu is an exceptional startup marketing expert and personal branding advisor. With his 6+ years of experience in marketing psychology, community development, and personal branding, he is helping entrepreneurs to build influential companies, market narratives and powerful personal brands.

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