Network marketing is one of the most popular hustles around the world. Not all Side-Hustles are for passive income. Some are for making extra cash to pay your bills and save money for travel. But this is not the case with network marketing.

Network Marketing is Huge Industry

Network marketing is a $184 BILLION dollar industry, with over 103 Million people involved in direct sales worldwide!

It’s a sad fact that most of the network marketing companies don’t survive much in the market, and not everything looks very genuine. But it’s legal without any doubt, at least 2% of all the companies in the world are legal. Moreover, Direct selling is legal in India and almost all other countries.

But this is not the point of writing this article. This article is for people who are exploring network marketing to build a source of passive income.


Read on, If:

  • You are a network marketing associate.
  • You Own of a Network Marketing Company
  • You are considering to join a network marketing company shortly.

Just for the formal disclaimer, Here I am not promoting any particular marketing company and product. You can even build your product and go to the market.

The real secret is in providing the value through your products and services and in leveraging the technology.

At the end of this post, I will share with you the secret formula to boost up your network marketing sales by using a proven system, so I suggest you read till the end.

Is Network Marketing a Quick-Rich Scheme

I don’t know what your company says, but Good network marketing (and Multi-level marketing) companies never promote themselves as a quick-money-making scheme. It takes blood, sweat and tears to help people understand the worth of their products. It takes time to build an excellent team of associates and downlines.

So, No! Network marketing is not a quick-rich scheme.

How to Become a Rockstar Network-Marketing Professional Using the Internet

While I was building Side Hustle India, I was really curious about the different segments (especially network marketing and multi-level marketing) who can get benefitted from this formula. I could see thousands of people in other parts of the world using the same system to build passive income through Side-Hustle-System. But it is expensive as hell for most of the new network marketing professionals.

Undoubtedly, The people in multi-level marketing can also leverage the power of automation and the internet to live a life they desire.

As a previous network marketing professional, I understand the struggles of the network marketers very well. It’s not easy in your early days to stay confident, aligning your goals and approaching new prospects.

You will be surprised to see how rockstar network marketers are automating most of their stuff, including invitation, follow-ups and even presentations.

It took me two years to understand the network marketing business as a professional and as an outsider. All I know is, the network marketing (just like every other business out there) is going through a transition phase, and only the smart people will be riding the wave in the next few years.

The real question is, are you riding the wave or going to struggle forever.

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If you are serious about helping people out there instead of working just for getting a sale (which 94% of network marketing professionals actually do), pay attention to these following points.

Learn Everyday and Don’t wait for too long to share it with others

Follow the golden triangle of  “Learn-Implement-Teach” every day. Learn new things, which work; and which don’t work and which can genuinely help your downlines and share it with your team.

Your downline is the most valuable asset you have. You agree to this, aren’t you?

Stay away from “things” you can not sell without a product

Good companies have the right product. They work in the network marketing model to “sell the product” and not to “sell the business scheme.” This is a simple way to identify an excellent multi-level-marketing company.

The business idea should be cherry-on-the-cake and not the original product.

Network Marketing for Passive Income

Think Big – Think Internet

Most of the network marketing professionals are working with their close friends and family members, and eventually, they lose faith and quit soon. Instead of presenting your idea to your friends and family members, you can leverage the power of technology to sell it to the world.

I have worked with many network marketing professionals, and most of the people I met were struggling to “find their prospects.” I have even created a session that you can consider as “The Smartest Way to Run a Network Marketing Business.”

I would highly recommend you to connect with me. Again, I am not promoting a Network Marketing Company. Instead, we will identify how you can even leverage the technology to boost your sales and create multiple sources of income for you.

The Next Step

Every time I end up saying this. You will always have two options after you get a good piece of knowledge. You can either go back and do things as you were doing previously. Or you can make a decision to change the way and transform your business forever.

I would highly recommend going for the second one, Taking a Decision because it is the only way to grow. In your life, and your network marketing business as well.

Try to test out some of the bits of advice from above. If you are genuinely interested in boosting your performance “within your company,” check out my Internet Business Formula, which is a sure shot. It’s free. 🙂

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Himanshu is an exceptional startup marketing expert and personal branding advisor. With his 6+ years of experience in marketing psychology, community development, and personal branding, he is helping entrepreneurs to build influential companies, market narratives and powerful personal brands.

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