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In this review, you will discover if Perfect Audience is worth for re-marketing lost visitors or not.

Things have changed dramatically in marketing. Buying behavior has changed tremendously. Customers have more options than ever, and their attention span is lesser than ever. Only 2% of people actually convert on their first visit, according to a recent stat published by 99firms (src).

This is where remarketing comes into the picture. Perfect Audience is the most sought-after tool for multi-touch remarketing campaigns so you can bring your lost customers into your funnels again.

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How Remarketing Works?

To understand what is Perfect Audience, we first need to discover how remarketing works. So let's understand this by example.

remarketing illustration

Let's say you spent $1000 on advertising to bring 10,000 visitors to your website or funnel. Consider if 2% of visitors purchased your low-ticket product of $7, and you made $700 on the front end. Or maybe you are running a campaign for bringing leads to your webinar. So, in that case, you saw 3000 visitors converted into your leads.

Since this is the first interaction with them, these visitors are almost stranger to them. So they do not know, like and trust you. It turns out that most of them will leave your website without even paying attention.

But you can follow-up with your lost visitors with the right Remarketing tool. By placing a simply piece of code on your website header, you can place a retargeting cookie on their browser. This way, you can show ads to them wherever they go online.

remarketing meme

Yes, there is Google Ads, but it is limited to the Google search and display network. And there is Facebook re-targeting, but again, it can not go beyond Facebook channels. This is why having a centralized re-marketing system. It gives you multi-platform follow-up capabilities.

It connects multiple channels (including Facebook and Google) and targets potential customers according to their behavior and interaction with your platform.

Is "Perfect Audience" a good tool for Remarketing?

Perfect Audience is NOT a "one product fitting for all." After using Facebook remarketing, and Google display network, I saw a significant improvement when running a re-marketing campaigns for my own business.

What it does is, instead of you trying to install all re-targeting pixels and loading your websites with tonnes of trackers, you are bringing everything together. And this will not only reduce the cost of management but also gives you more control and reach.

Perfect Audience is a sister company of Sharp Spring, a popular marketing automation software for agencies and small business owners. If you are a Sharp Spring customer and you need a re-marketing tool, it is perfect.

Platforms supported by Perfect Audience.

You can use Perfect audience on your WordPress website, with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and woocommerce, and on any website or application, you like, as long as you have access to their backend.

That means, if you can add the "retargeting pixel" (a small Javascript code that tracks data), you can use the Perfect Audience. It's that simple.

Shopify or Magento are prominently used in e-commerce. You can show ads to Shopify store visitors by building a retargeting list. Also, having a customer list is even better. You can re-engage with them on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook and show them even based ads. It works well in the holiday season or the special launch season.

Perfect Audience Features Review

  • Provides Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Detailed analytics and dashboard reports.
  • Complete conversion tracking and support for dynamic ads.
  • Allows re-targeting on the web, mobile, and Facebook from one dashboard.
  • Detailed conversion and revenue tracking reports of all sites displaying your ads.
  • Transparent services and charges.
  • No setup fee or minimal ad spend is required to use.
  • Detailed text and video tutorials for those who are completely new to online advertising.
  • Advanced features like audience segments, real-time tracking, and cross-device re-targeting.

These features make it a better choice than competitors. However, there are a few points that I wish could be improved.

Negative Side

Not everything is Perfect in "Perfect Audience."

The user interface has been improved, but still, it lacks the startup tour. A simple "how to start" tooltip would be much appreciated.

It is not a tool for solopreneurs with a super-low budget. While there is no minimum budget, remarketing doesn't work well if you don't have enough people to track and retarget.

Perfect Audience Customer Review

Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Small business owners, SaaS company owners, Agency owners, and E-commerce business owners are a few people who use this remarketing engine. Basically, anyone who needs remarketing to boost revenue from their funnels can use Perfect Audience.

Not all customers found it the right solution for their problem, but most were satisfied with it.

Allison Avery writes on Sitejabber, what he likes about the platform. This is the most recent remark given.

customer remarks

I didn't include the old feedbacks from 2019 or before because things change fast here. So far, in 2020, people have mixed opinions on the platform. For example, most people found support exceptionally well. However, a lot of things are on your own. So if you don't take responsibility for your campaigns, you might not see any better results than running a Google display campaign or Facebook retargeting.

customer remarks

There are thousands of businesses including EventBrite, AppSumo, SeatGeek and SendGrid use Perfect Audience to improve their revenue.

perfect audience customer list

What can be Retargeted

This is a great question to ask. You can retarget people on multiple triggers with Perfect Audience.

  • Email: People who are opening your emails and taking specific actions like clicking on a link or forwarding emails to someone else.
  • People visiting your website (or specific pages): You can specifically target people based on their visitor behavior and how they interacted with your funnel. For example, if they visited the homepage or they downloaded your free eBook, or if they attended your free webinar.
  • Applications: You can also track people on your iOS and Android applications. All you need to do is pick your targeting pixel and set up in your app, and you can show ads to people based on their activities on your applications.

If you don't know where to start you can reach out for helpful support over Perfect Audience. Support is one key factor where Perfect audience outperforms most of the other re-engagement tools.

Quick Analysis


There is no setup cost involved, and you can sign up for free. There is also no minimum spend, so you can start with any budget you prefer.

When it comes to cost, you will be charged on a CPM (per thousand impressions) basis.

Since the campaigns are pre-paid, you can refill your next week's budget according to your last week's performance.

The pricing and billing service with Perfect Audience were transparent and reliable.

Customer Support

Most of the customers accepted that customer support was helpful, knowledgeable, and dedicated to making the most use of the platform for their users.

Software and Technology

Perfect Audience Campaign management software is powerful and reliable. With a great reach over social media and search engines, you get multi-channel, cross-device remarketing capability. You can run campaigns on multiple sites and multi product dynamic ads without any hassle.

Retargeting campaigns also come with revenue tracking. So this way, you get a birds-eye dashboard to see exactly what is happening with your marketing.

User Experience and Interface

Since there is no way to use multiple accounts, you can not work in teams. However, you can exchange your credentials.

The user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. Also, there are tonnes of articles, tutorial videos, and resource center is available to help you get started.


Since the tracking tag can be integrated with most of the content management systems, you can use a Perfect Audience with almost any website or apps. This includes Shopify Merchant, Magento, WordPress, Squarespace, and Learning Management Systems as well. Further, it comes with native integration with Shopify.

All you need is to copy the image pixel from your dashboard and paste it into your application. You also integrate marketing automation tools and email marketing tools to further enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Perfect Audience Alternatives

Google Adwords vs Facebook vs Perfect Audience

Google is a giant when it comes to advertising. With powerful tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics, you can reach billions of people with just a few clicks in your AdWords dashboard. The same can be said about Facebook.

Perfect Audience works well in combination with both these giants to give you better conversion rates and revenue optimization. Further, you can extend this reach to other social media channels like Twitter and content networks like Taboola. 

Brand advertisers can use it to show ads instantly wherever your target customers surf.

Hubspot vs. Perfect Audience

Hubspot is another popular CRM software widely used in the industry. However, it is completely different from Perfect Audience. Hubspot is a complete customer relationship management software while the latter only deals with re-engagement".

Even if you use Hubspot or SharpSpring, you can use it to improve your campaign performance further. With a quick remarketing list, you can reconnect with your existing customers and save money in your PPC campaigns.

Important Points Before Signing Up

Not all websites are accepted by Perfect Audience. Websites that fall into the following categories will be rejected. So carefully check if you do not fall under them.

  • Any site that does not have the ability to alter its own code: no Facebook pages alone, no Soundcloud, YouTube, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc.
  • Alcohol, gambling, tobacco, weapons, pornography (including vaping, adult products, knives, tips about gambling).
  • Dating, romance counseling, how to pick up people/attract a partner
  • Affiliate marketing sites
  • Any Clickfunnel, Clickbank sites
  • Anything with unverifiable claims (guarantee earnings or leads generated, health benefits, weight loss, e.g. make X amount of money in X amount of time; double your business)
  • Aggregator Site/Blogs (i.e. sites that do not offer an original product or service)
  • Cryptocurrency (anything relating to “Forex” trading, bitcoin)
  • Install software/widget pages
  • Non-functional websites (e.g. under construction/coming soon, Hello world, Lorem ipsum) *exception – Shopify stores.
  • Squeeze Sites (e.g anything with a countdown clock, a lot of exclamation points, or the majority of content/copy in ALL CAPS)
  • Hate/Derogatory Site/Content

Final Verdict

remarketing with perfect audience - pinterest image

You discovered everything you need to know before using the Perfect Audience for remarketing in this review. It comes with a cross-device, multi-channel marketing engine to boost your revenue and bring back your lost customers. 

However, it is not the perfect software. The user interface looks basic and old. Further, there is no option to add your team members so you have to use a centralized credential to share among all members.

Finally, It is great software and worth your attention. It outperforms all other alternatives in terms of reach and performance.

Perfect Audience Review – It is worth your time and attention? - Himanshu Bisht

In this review, you will discover if Perfect Audience is worth for re-marketing lost visitors or not.

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