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signs you will fail in business

5 Signs You Will Never Start Your Own Business

Want to start your own business?

Still “thinking” and “saving money”.

Well! I was in a similar situation for a long time but it didn’t give me anything except more misery. This is why understanding these signs is critical for you as an aspiring entrepreneur.

There are signs for everything.

Just as you can quickly identify, if the person before you is going to be successful, or the failure only by seeing the way he talks with people

(as long as he or she doesn’t quit)

Here are the five signs which will help you to identify if you are going to stuck in your present life forever or you will ever start your own business and become independent.

In the book “You become what you think about”, Vick Johnson writes, a man is what he thinks about all day long.

There is no accomplishment ever made without giving “enough” pressure on your mind.

One of the greatest saints, India contributed to the world, Swami Vivekananda says,

“Take a thought, live with it, sleep, eat and drink with it, give it enough time and it will be yours”.

Swami Vivekananda

The message I am trying to convey here is clear.

You can always do what you want, as long as you have not stopped thinking about it.

But the challenge is, you won’t be able to think about it for long enough.

There comes a time when the mind gets tired of thinking. Ideas without actions are nothing but the mud water which is better to throw away.

Here are the Five Signs you should definitely identify and cure (If you have one)

  • You are Overthinking About Almost Everything

Overthinking is a common problem. But as much as I observed tens of entrepreneurs around me, they all were good at taking actions.

While analyzing your actions and taking the mindful decision is critical, at the same time avoiding no getting paralyzed by thinking is also important.

Blend your actions and ideas and serve the market. This is the only way.

  • You Spend too much but Hate to Invest

Entrepreneurs have often misunderstood misers, but the truth is, they always believe in investments more than expenditure.

However, spending money alone, with family and loved ones to enjoy life is also a common trait among happy entrepreneurs.

  • You Don’t Like Uncertainty

Uncertainty is perhaps one of the best friends of a young entrepreneur. You never know what will happen next.

So, the people who do not ENJOY Uncertainties are often live and die with their fears.

The truth is, there is nothing wrong in getting failed. It is in fact, perfectly fine. You can always start your new inning and you can do it a hundred times.

  • You Look for Perfection in Everything

Perfection is the biggest enemy of growth. Continuous improvement and learning is a never-ending process in a hustler’s life.

Every time, when I look at my physical shape or my personality from two months back, I see there is a whole different man standing before me.

You will have to start wherever you are and with whatever you have.

  • You Don’t Value or Enjoy Your Present

Startup owners often talk product, technology, Attribution models, funnels and what not. But it is critically important to focus upon personal growth and enjoying your present work at the same time.

You can not live in future or past. It is vitally important that you are enjoying the process of development instead of always planning the future.

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What do you think about the signs above?

Let me know in the comments. Make sure to share it with fellow buddies.

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