If somebody would have asked me seven years ago, if he or she can run a “successful” online business alone, I would have denied it. But things are changed now. Even I am running a one-person business and meeting tens of people every day who are running amazing small scale businesses online. (Small in terms of people and not in terms of profits 😉 )

But it could never be so easy to run a fantastic business alone (and by working three-four hours every day) without these powerful software tools.

Best Tools to Run Your Successful One-Person Company

I wanted to start with a time-management and project management software, but there happened something interesting while writing this article so I would like to start with this tool. Grammarly.


Automate your proofreading and make lesser mistakes while writing.

website: grammarly.com

I started writing this article “9 essential tools for running a successful one-person company. Suddenly, Grammarly (my automated proofreader) suggested something which won my heart.

One person business tools

Cool, isn’t it!

I know, you can still find hundreds of mistakes, but again, it is way better with Grammarly than writing without it. Grammarly is an everyday writing assistant for writing your small business emails, project plans and finishing up a blog.


Your complete email marketing automation system for any need

website: getresponse.com

GetResponse is one of the best companies who provide email marketing automation suite. There are other alternatives like MailChimp and ConvertKit, but GetResponse is much better in terms of pricing, Spam filtration and efficiency.

You can design the flow and automate your whole marketing campaign with “GetResponse” for less than $15.


Award-winning powerful hosting suit with free SSL certificate

website: a2hosting.com

Before A2Hosting, I tried tens of recommendations like Bluehost, Hostgator and some others, but A2Hosting is far better than the alternatives. It provides Free SSD support, free self-signed SSL certificate and robust support. I loved the way support interacts at A2Hosting.


Free content hosting software for building a custom website.

website: wordpress.org

Even though, if you have no idea about making a website and you are looking for a simple drag-and-drop builder, you can prefer Weebly. But WordPress powers 37% of the web and used by many one-person business entrepreneurs as their primary content management system. It is free, and you can download it from wordpress.org. Download WordPress software and install it on your servers.


Build and run your next-generation small e-commerce business

website: shopify.com

Shopify is an award-winning e-commerce suit for all shopping business owners out there. No matter if you are a one-person business owner or you have employed hundreds of employees below you, Shopify got you covered.

It provides a central dashboard to manage all your orders, payments and inventory. All the necessary system integration to build and promote your online shop is already offered in the suit. Facebook marketing management, payment integration, coupon and discount management, inventory, images are to name a few.


Branding management and development automation hub

website: tailorbrands.com

Trailorbrands help one-person business owners to create their unique brand entity by logo design, T-Shirt design and other branding related services. Here you can design your logo and other stuff (T-Shirt, Facebook background, notebook, etc.) by yourself for a reasonable price. You can download it in small resolutions for free, or you can go for a premium download for some amount.



VoIP call system for small scale business

website: grasshopper.com

Grasshopper is a fantastic tool to present your small business (or a one-person company) as a big brand. It visualizes your customer support system with VoIP calling system. Voice over IP saves money and keeps your personal and professional phone contacts separate.

As it often happens with people who run their company alone, they find themselves unable to keep their personal life separate and properly managed while running a company. Also, there come fair chances to miss some opportunities just because people forget to track their phonic sessions.

Grasshopper is the best solution for it. For less than $30 a month, you get your fully online phone connection which you can use to localize your business and look like a multi-national company.


Grow your one-person business into a million-dollar one with affiliate marketing

website: shareasale.com

If affiliate marketing is the best way to promote your products and services (which is true), ShareASale is the best place to check out. This is a beautiful hub of thousands of publishers who are ready to come out and promote your excellent products.

There are some case studies where companies have touched one hundred times more growth from affiliate marketing than from traditional digital marketing like SEO and Paid advertising. In fact, the reason is simple; you are offering money for writing about you.

It is helping everyone, from your publishers who get money to write about you to your customers who find it much easier to see your products or services.

Top Software You Need to Run Your One-Person Business

Tools for Entrepreneurs

Software and technology save time and money and gives peace of mind by automating your hectic work. Use technology to empower your business and invest in better infrastructure and support. These product ideas for the one-person company can surely be helpful for “Solopreneurs” and entrepreneurs with small teams. Learn Side Hustle and build a passive income with Himanshu.


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Himanshu is an exceptional startup marketing expert and personal branding advisor. With his 6+ years of experience in marketing psychology, community development, and personal branding, he is helping entrepreneurs to build influential companies, market narratives and powerful personal brands.

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