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should you accept 10 DAYS YOUTUBE VIDEO Challenge?

Facebook is dead for ORGANIC GROWTH. And smart people have realized it before others. This is why they are moving to YouTube.


  • You want to start making videos on YouTube but don't know where to start.
  • You have the knowledge to share but you are failing to structure it and making money from it.
  • You are learning a lot but Slowly becoming information junkie but you have failed to start anything?
  • You badly want to start something but you are clueless.
  • You tried videos but you failed to keep it up.
  • You have realized most people love watching videos but you don't understand how to use this opportunity to really become successful.



The Truth!

Nothing Works by Itself! You Have to Make It Work.

Not even fancy courses people buy for $3999 and new affiliate program.

Turn From Information Consumer to Becoming an Information Entrepreneur

Forget your product, marketing or everything aside. Here is the most important secret to succeed online.


You can die running ads or you can waste another $2165 on Facebook (again) just like I did by following some random guru online.


You can become an information entrepreneur by building Your Authority by creating videos "in right way".


Himanshu Bisht

Himanshu is an Internet Entrepreneur, Teacher and International Digital Business Coach. He helps creators to get massive success online with his proven system.

With the methods he teach, Himanshu himself paid back his education loan and went from $8000 in debt to becoming a digital nomad withing 6 months.

Here is Everything You Will Get Instant Access of

  • 10-Days Video Challenge Email Sequence so you don't run out of ideas. That means never wasting time on thinking and procrastinating. Just action.
  • Accountability Reminder on Facebook and Email. That means I will be there to hold your hands and to push you when it's needed
  • Proven Method to Find your Niche within 3 minutes. That Means no confusion and guess work while building a successful YouTube business. (Day #01)
  • Step by Step guide to go from Zero subscribers to Your First 100 or more Subscribers in 10 days Without running ads. (Day #10)
  • Communication Secret which will force people watch your videos without editing them. (Day #05)
  • How to Make Videos which perform well on Google and YouTube both (kill two birds with one stone)
  • Video Template to make videos in one go. That means you will be able to make videos in one go without multiple takes and lots of edits.
  • YouTube funnel strategy to make $1,000 or more every month before reaching 1000 subscribers. That means, No more waiting and getting afraid of Google or YouTube penalty.


  • People calling you and emailing you to pay you for your services
  • They are buying your products without your even selling it.
  • You are getting consistent traffic to your website.
  • You are getting 100 subscribers every month without paying anything for ads.
  • You are making $1000 on autopilot with your one YouTube channel.

It costs $10 $3.97 to join the challenge...

I could have easily charged $100 for the value of this program. Because I invested four years and over $50,000 to learn what you will learn in the next 10 days.

All You Pay is Just $3.97

It includes everything you need to start making money from your YouTube channel.

  • 10 Days Email Mission to go from your first video to building consistent growth on YouTube. ($37)
  • 10 Days Video Planner Workbook. ($17)
  • Facebook Reminders to push you everyday. (PRICELESS Accountability)
  • Bonus: Priority Email Support from Himanshu if you feel stuck or face challenge. (PRICELESS)
  • Bonus: Access to Exclusive invite-only "Micro-Course Secret" Workshop. You will learn how to create highly-profitable micro course business from anywhere in the world. ($97)

Total Value: $151

If You want to go from Zero to One, I am giving you this mission

You have 10 days starting from Today

Still Not Convinced to Take Action?

Let me break down all you have when you will register for 10-days Video Challenge.

As soon as you register for "10-DAYS YOUTUBE CHALLENGE" you will be instantly added to a premium list of action takers in my database.

You will build your own YouTube money machine step-by-step in the next 10-days.

Everyday! you will receive one email with your daily mission, Action step and deep strategy inside.

This has everything you need to become a successful information entrepreneur on YouTube.

But there are many more bonuses you will instantly have access of once you get yourself into the action.

Bonus #01

Content Creation and Video Planner Workbook

Bonus #02

Access to Private Facebook group of creators to connect and get FREE views, likes and most importantly, advice.

Bonus #03

Weekly LIVE Session with Himanshu

Bonus #04

Accountability reminders in Your Inbox so I can hold your arm when it's needed.

Enough of Theory. YouTube Challenge is for Action Takers.

Your Challenge Is To TAKE ACTION And Complete The Tasks Given To You,

Every Day For 10 Days 


This program will turn you from being a mediocre information junkie to an impactful entrepreneur. 

But some people later realise it's not for them. Here is my "golden-words" 3-days guarantee so there could be nothing which can stop you from being unstoppable. If you find this program is not useful for you even after going through it or you think it's not for you, you can ask for 100% money back.

Here is What to Do Next?

Now is the time to wrap up everything and take action.

Click the link below and register for challenge. This is how you will finally get started.

Thank you for reading till the end. Now is the time for action.

PS: in case you have skipped maximum part of the page, here is the detail. When you join YouTube Challenge ($9.97), You will receive 10-days program to help you kickstart your YouTube money machine. Also, you will receive gifts worth $588 for FREE with the challenge which includes Workbook, Funnel Design, Access to private Facebook group and a lot more...

And if you don't like anything for some crazy reason, you can ask for full refund within 3 days.


Nothing much will be different in my life if you will decide to take this challenge. I will eat the same food, I will live my life in the same way, I will wake up at the same time. Nothing!!!

But This will change your life forever. You will get more clients, you will have confidence, you will be turned into those 4% who actually take action instead of just watching content.


I am here to walk you through a step-by-step journey to become an information entrepreneur with world's second biggest search engine and social media in the world.

Start today. You have nothing to lose but a whole life to win.

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Copyright 2019, Himanshu Bisht

Disclaimer: Income figures are extraordinary and not typical. I don't and I can't guarantee any specific result from the challenge.It will depend on your consistency, efforts and practice. You can make more, you will make less or even equal depending on how much energy, time and money you are putting in.