Finding a good webinar software for small business can be, if you are new to technology.

I remember when I was launching my first webinar; I wasted whole one week trying out different webinar platforms I could use in my small business.

Fortunately, you don't need to go through the tiring research as I have shared the top webinar platforms you can pick to get more customers and sales in your business.

How webinars can help you grow your business

It has gone crazy since the time Corona lockdown was announced in multiple parts of the world. Webinars, virtual conferences and online meetings have become new norms. If you are still wondering if webinars are useful for your business or not, you can check these eye-opening webinar benchmark and stats.

Demio, a webinar hosting company recently published an eye-opening case study.

Webinar case study

It is not surprising to see such figures as webinar is the new opportunity every clever business owner is looking for.

Automated Webinars vs LIVE Sessions

After running hundreds of webinars now I know a few things about webinar success. One thing that most people misunderstood that running an automated webinar is a source of "passive income". 

If your business is just starting with webinars, it is not a good idea to automate the session itself. However, you can use the power of email marketing to put your all other aspects on autopilot.

This way, you can focus on running your webinar, once a week and rest leave on technology.

Tools like GetResponse offer tonnes of features that you can instantly use to automate your pre and post webinar communication.

You can use GetResponse automation templates to send emails according to their engagement score. 

Here are some of the best Webinar software that I used. In fact, I spent $400 to try below programs and I have a clear winner to share in this post.

What criteria I used

  • How reliable a webinar software is, in terms of audio-video quality.
  • Cost of the webinar software for young startup
  • Customer care support
  • Integration and automation potential
  • Ease-of-Use for someone who is new to webinar technology

How did I find my webinar platform for Small Business

I went and tested 10 different platforms. However, I only found reliable "enough" to use at least 2 times. So, the five webinar softwares that I didn't use for over two times are already rejected. 

One reason of that was their marketing was over-hyped, but even their website was not loading up.

Most Popular Webinar Platforms (that don't suck)

Stealth Seminar - best automated webinar system

The very first automated webinar company of the planet is still the best one in the service.

Stealth Seminar invented the industry-loved hybrid webinars and automated webinars.

stealth seminar webinar comparison

With their full-fledged automated webinar system, they also offer personalized support and help sessions I didn't see anywhere else in the industry.

Here are a few things that I want you to consider as you are ready to go from StealthSeminar.


  • Very easy step-up (Most default options are good to go)
  • Beautiful and high converting landing pages (Never found any better)
  • Customizable thank you page, watch page and Call to action.
  • Comes with free email reminders, Facebook and SMS reminders (No other service provides these features)
  • Users don't need to download any software to attend your webinar.
  • Hybrid, LIVE and Automated webinars work flawlessly with Stealthwebinar system

However, I found a few things that if Stealth webinar would have added, it could be the ultimate tool for webinars. Here are some limitations of Stealth seminar system.


  • It doesn't provide native LIVE webinar system. So you need to stream through YouTube or Twitch. However, they have a easy system to set everything up.
  • You need to pay additional fee to use advanced features like deep-integrations and Clickbank etc.
  • StealthSeminar also doesn't provide any popup or any alert if people mistakenly leave your webinar. 


StealthSeminar is a great software and it comes with satisfying pricing. Plan starts from $58/mo for an annual starter plan. And it allows you to have upto 150 simultaneous attendees in your webinars.

For advanced features you can go for a customized power plan. That includes advanced integration with email marketing software, clickbank and more.


Stealth Seminar is the pioneer in automated webinars. And even till this date, this is the simplest and most effective automated webinar software. 

However, if you are looking for a "only LIVE webinar software" in your small business, Stealth Seminar might not be the right option for you in this moment.

Demio - Perfect for SaaS business

If you want to have a good software with lots of integration and a fresh look, this is the perfect webinar software for you


Demio comes with amazing automation, reminder system and almost everything you need to run an amazing webinar to promote your software. 

Demio highly focuses upon SaaS based companies, but I also used this software to promote my online courses and it worked like a charm. 

So, here are a few reasons why you should start Demio free trial today :


  • It is a very easy webinar software to setup.
  • You can get a free 14 days trial to take a test ride.
  • Totally a fresh and easy-to-navigate user interface will not let you feel stressed out.
  • This webinar software comes with inbuilt integrations with email marketing software, Zapier and reminders.
  • Users don't need to download any software to attend your webinar.
  • Unlimited sessions and unlimited file storage (very rare feature)

However, note that Demio is also not a perfect tool in every situation. 


  • Demio audio-video quality fluctuates more than other tools if your Internet connection is not good.
  • Demio doesn't come with online meeting features. So no face-to-face team meetings with this software 
  • There webinar platform is not good for a LIVE platform for over 500 people.
  • Session length is limited to within 3 hours in their basic plan. So if you want sessions of longer hours, you might have to go for their higher plans.


Demio pricing starts from $34/mo for 49 people or fewer. However, to have more attendees and features like hybrid webinars and automated webinars start from Demio growth package. It costs $69/mo if you go for an annual price.


Demio is a great software and the perfect option if you are coming from any other software. It comes with an amazing chat support and very helpful team.

GoToWebinar - perfect for training at scale

GoToWebinar from GoToMeeting is one of the most established webinar platforms on the Internet. Their mature system suited best for a established and professional team.

gotowebinar software for small business

However, it comes with a few disadvantages you might want to consider if you are looking for it.


  • Video and audio quality is really good.
  • GoToWebinar team is really supportive, and their response time is less than 24 hours.
  • It comes with one month of free trial if you use the link below. So you can easily take a test ride.
  • You can create unlimited events and there is no time limit on webinar length.
  • Integrated with GoToStage that you can use to record and publish anywhere on the Internet to reach masses.
  • You can set up custom URLs and brand logo. So it will increase brand authority.

Even though, GoToWebinar is a great software and one of the big leaders in the industry, I found some downsides of this software.


  • GoToWebinar needs to have a software in your device to use it.
  • GoToWebinar User Interface is not the best on the Internet. It has it's learning curve that can be overwhelming.
  • It doesn't have an option to run full-fledged automated webinars in its $49 and $99 plan


GoToWebinar comes with competitive pricing. It starts with $49 for a lite option. However, if you want to use the full power of the webinar software, you need to start from $99 version. GoToWebinar Pro plan starts from $199 and enterprise plan from $399 for larger teams.


GoToWebinar is a great software if you are looking for a stable platform in your community. It might not be a good option for a sales webinar with warm audience.

You can start your free trial and see if it is a good software for you or not.

Zoom (Webinar Package) - team webinar solution for small teams

Zoom is the most popular webinar software at this moment. It was not started as a webinar platform initially. But their webinar system comes with outstanding features. One of the rare features of zoom webinar is easy publish on YouTube and Facebook. 

zoom webinar package

Here are a few reasons for which you should consider zoom.


  • Great audio-video quality.
  • Easy-to-use and widely popular among institutions and educationists.
  • Simple user interface and simple configuration
  • There is no time restrictions on webinar length.
  • Easy integration with other applications through Zapier

Zoom is one of the best platform for virtual team meetings. But when it comes to webinars, it is not the best solution in the marketplace. It lacks many marketing technology like call-to-action, automated webinars and others that are provided EasyWebinar and Demio.


  • Zoom doesn't have direct integration with email marketing so it is overwhelming.
  • Their notification and reminder system is not much customizable. Emails look confusing with many dial-in-numbers and unnecessary details.
  • Zoom webinar is an add-on package over Zoom-pro. So you must go for a meeting software even if you don't need it.
  • Webinars on zoom can NOT be reused and get simulated. So it is not a software if you are looking for automation.


Zoom webinar pricing starts from $40 for 100 attendees. However, you must have a pro meeting plan to use this feature. Zoom rooms and other features can be purchased additionally. They start from $40.


Zoom is a great software for team meetings and virtual conference. If you are looking for an easy alternative to GoToWebinar, zoom is the software.

However, it doesn't come with native Sales features. So I do not recommend it for webinars at this moment. They have option for on-demand webinars that you can share once you have a great webinar. But it is still not much customizable. 

EasyWebinar - all-in-one hybrid webinar platform for small scale business

After getting frustrated with webinar platforms that either are not good for automation, or they lack basic features, I found EasyWebinar.

easy webinar for startups

With no doubt, this is the software that works amazingly for LIVE and for recorded webinars. You can simulate chats, create automated events, edit URLs to sync with your brand and do almost everything you like here. 

Here are a few points to consider:


  • Great audio-video quality. (Best among browser-based webinar platforms in my research)
  • Great marketing engine and customization features.
  • Automation comes integrated with the software. So once you have the best webinar, you can automate it and scale faster.
  • Native and third-party integration with email marketing tools.
  • On-boarding call even if you go for a free-trial. Their support is truly helpful.
  • You can broadcast your events on Facebook and YouTube easily.

EasyWebinar can be your best choice if you are looking for a software with LIVE and automated both features. 

But consider these downsides before you proceed.


  • EasyWebinar has many features once you sign up. So it can overwhelm if you are new.
  • Easy webinar platform is the most expensive in this list. (However, comes with its advantage. So it's your choice if you are ready to spend or not.
  • Their own registration page is not the best in the market (but it is well integrated with other programs)


Easy Webinar comes with 14 days of free trial. You can use it before deciding to go. Monthly plan of Easy Webinar starts from $59/mo for an annual plan and $78/mo for a monthly plan. 

So that means you can get free three months with the annual plan


You can see I had little bad things to say about Easy webinar. It's a good software and the people there were helpful. It's just the matter of fact that what you need. 

If you are planning to run automated webinars and occasionally LIVE events, go for it. 

However, it is not a software for team meetings. So you might want to consider.

Livewebinar is one of the best webinar tool for small business. In fact, this is one of the least-known webinar software on my list. 

livewebinar software for small teams

It is not the best software in the list, but it is definitely the youngest one. And the cheapest one to start with.

LiveWebinar is recommended for anyone who is looking for something fresh and small to start with.


  • Wonderful event dashboard and lots of features.
  • Easy integration with other email marketing software. 
  • LiveWebinar comes with basic call to action and poll features for engagging sessions.
  • Branding and customization is available well.
  • Easiest to start with ($14.99 a month pricing) (Special bonus for my readers is below)
  • Automated webinars are available. So you can leverage easily.

LiveWebinar is a great tool for beginners. It costs just $14.99 a month that is cheapest in the list. You can get an unexpected deal if you want to go for the premium plan. Here you can see it.

Consider these downsides if you are planning to go for LiveWebinar


  • LiveWebinar platform doesn't let you host two simultaneous events. Even if it's automated.
  • Their automated webinar option is not perfected enough. The black theme makes it a little dull.
  • Their team is a little slow to respond. The only way to get the answer back is through their Facebook page.


If there is one ultimate deal you can get today, it's from LiveWebinar.

LiveWebinar comes with a free plan with 5 attendees. The pro plan starts from $11.99 a month for 100 attendees.

Business plan with participant tracking and Full HD recording starts from $95.99 for 500 attendees.

[LIMITED TIME DEAL] You can get Live webinar for one entire year for just $99 today with this offer


LiveWebinar is one of my favorite tool. I love it and I use it many times in my business. However, there is a learning curve and you might feel intimidating with the user interface.

With their irresistible pricing option, it can be the best software if the budget is your concern.

Final Verdict (The Ultimate Winner)

So, I shared the best webinar platforms for small business. For education and marketing, webinar is a powerful weapon.

If you are looking for a LIVE meeting and webinar platform, going for GoToWebinar can be an excellent choice.

However, if you are a business owner who focuses upon automation, start your EasyWebinar free trial.

Ideally for "presentations" and completely recorded webinars, Demio is the perfect choice. 

webinar software for solopreneurs

Live webinar platform is the best for entrepreneurs with budget constraint. It's a great software for beginners, but comes with a not-so-exciting support. 

And finally, Zoom. It is already established software for virtual meetings. If you are planning to run webinars for your team and there you don't have intention to have native marketing, go for it. It is the best audio-video quality program after GoToWebinar in my research.

Let me know in the comments if you have any doubt. I am excited to hear from you.

About the Author Himanshu

Himanshu is a recovering shiny object seeker and computer science engineer turned into an internet entrepreneur.

He bootstrapped from 0-$200k and has helped tens of companies grow from scratch with the help of building online communities.

He helps coaches and entrepreneurs grow their business through content and communities.

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