The basic problem with SaaS-based funnel builders like Kartra and Builderall (include Groovefunnels as well) is, they want you to keep spending money “even if you are not making any profit”.

Think about it: do you really need that overly sophisticated system to build your funnels when you are just starting up in your business? I asked this question to myself after spending over $5000 in such tools and my answer was “No”.

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Here is an important question to ask while picking up a sales funnel

Do you really need that overly sophisticated system to build your funnels when you are just starting up in your business?

However, There is one big advantage with Clickfunnels by the way. It is their education. It’s priceless.

Once you dedicate yourself towards learning from Russell, you will no longer have to worry about any other educational program to grow your business (if you are taking action).

In fact, Dot Com Secrets is the best books you can ever read if you care to build a $10,000/mo business on the Internet 

So how do you build a sales funnel if not with Kartra and Builderall or Kartra? 


WordPress is free, self-hosted and 35% of the websites on the planet are running on WordPress flawlessly.

There is just a little problem, however. WordPress alone is not useful. To be honest, It sucks at design and is not MADE for conversion. But it comes with its own unadvertised benefits.

WordPress gives you control of your content. You don’t need to bag to a SaaS company or rent your data on someone’s servers.

And if something goes wrong, you can move your whole website to another host instead of living at the mercy of a SaaS company And if you understand what I shared here, you can pick a tool like Thrive themes for building your funnel. 

I don’t remember if I regretted my decision to build funnels with WordPress after making the switch to Thrive themes. With less than $19/mo, you are getting a world-class software, ultimate support and a great company.

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