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If you want to turn your woo-commerce store into a profit machine, look no further.

In this post, you are going to discover the best upsell plugin for Woocommerce so you can boost your revenue, sell more products and increase customer lifetime value through your funnels.

My experience of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs helped me to learn a lot about funnels. It includes the science behind buying and the art of building high converting landing pages and checkout systems.

Upsell vs Cross-sell: 

What is an Upsell, and is it different from cross-selling?

One-click upsells often misunderstood with cross-selling. So, let's get into basics. "Scroll down if you are already familiar with this stuff. I don't want to bore you"

Cross-selling is when you offer a supplementary or similar product after one checked out, while up-selling is when you are "replacing" the current offer with a better one when the buyer is ordering in bulk to increase the order value.

So, this is how Cross-selling will look like in real life:

And this is how up-selling will look:

In my above example, I showed you an upsell offer before checkout. This is also known as an "Order bump." You can also change it to "post-purchase upsell" with the right woocommerce upsell plugins.

What is a Downsell then?

I am glad that you asked. When the buyer chooses not to purchase your upsell offer, you can also present them with a low-cost product. This way, you are giving him another chance to purchase a product, and you are winning another chance to make money.

First, let me help you understand why you need a "good" plugin for your Woocommerce store.

Why you need an Upsell Plugin

Woocommerce Upsell Plugin will make you more money

earning screenshot woocommerce funnel

While woocommerce provides good enough checkout feature, it sucks at revenue optimization.

In my experience (and confirmed by the market research), there is a 33% chance that people who are opting for your frontend offer will also buy your upsell offer.

This is one big reason why Amazon and other popular digital product have this function.

Upsell plugins increase our customer value.

Spending money on Facebook ads or Google ads is not fun. And when you are only selling one product, this can also be a loss of revenue. That means you might also be losing money to acquire a customer.

Using a WordPress Upsell plugin can help you "make money" from your funnels without doing anything extra.

The best Woocommerce Upsell plugin

There are many themes and plugins in the market. But the problem is, most of them suck at increasing conversion rates. Most of them have done a very poor job designing the cart pages, upsell pop-ups and upsell pages. Further, they are too complicated to use.

(you can not afford to keep wasting time on building your upsell funnel if you want to sell)

This is why, after trying out more than a dozen WordPress upsell solutions, I have picked the best.

Since I have personally spent reviewing all the mentioned tools below, you can rely upon this information.

Challenges with DIY funnels

I previously wrote why I moved away from Clickfunnels to WordPress. In the article, I mentioned why SaaS-based funnels might not be a good idea.

However, as a DIY funnel system, WordPress comes with many manual overheads (like having good hosting, development, etc.). So you might want to consider it first.

You can ask in the comments for any specific doubt

Cart Flows (recommended)

cartflows funnel

CartFlows is a revolutionary woocommerce plugin to supercharge your sales process with tons of options. If you have ever used Clickfunnels or Kartra, you can model your funnels with Cart Flows without any hassle.

Cartflows integrates easily with leading WordPress funnel tools like Thrive Suite and Elementor page builder. So you can offer to upsell products and cross-sell without compromising with the conversion rates.

Another big advantage of using Cartflows is dynamic pricing and smart offers. You can build chained products that you can offer as upsell, downsell and cross-sell.

Cartflows works perfectly well since it uses Woo-commerce as a payment gateway. This also means you can use payment methods like Stripe, PayPal and for offer pages.

One place where Cartflows completely wins over competitors is their premium support. It is not very rare to see plugin creators stop giving support. It can leave your website vulnerable to attack and reputation hostage. But it comes with an exceptional expert team to help you grow.


  • dynamic pricing and smart offers
  •  integrates easily with almost all landing page builders
  • Support all woocommerce based payment gateways
  • No technical, coding knowledge required (drag and drop functionality)
  • CartFlows uses shortcode based functionality. While it is easy to copy and paste a simple code, I would prefer to have a drag-and-drop functionality with leading page builders.

Often, people overlook the upsell strategy for technology. Your profit after the initial sale will depend a lot on your strategy as well. You can book one to one consulting call with me if the slots are available.

Cartflows is great software to build sales funnels. With the help of shortcodes, you can use it on any popular themes and page builders.

With the ability to sell multiple products and smart offers, you can skyrocket your sales.

Upsell Plugin

Woocommerce lacks massive features for increasing revenue for online stores. The checkout process in this plugin has multiple "funnel frictions." That means having too many steps in the checkout process can turn a buyer off. And he might quit even before making the first purchase.

Upsell plugin is a good woocommerce alternative and solves such a problem. It uses its dedicated checkout system and works well for creating your funnels.


  • Doesn't require woo-commerce. Good for Digital products.
  • Offers integrations with leading email marketing softwares.
  • Easy to use (no coding skills required)
  • Complete sales funnel software for all features like 2-step checkout, order bumps, post purchase upsells. 
  • It does not use the Woocommerce payment gateway. So you will be limited to PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.Net.

One advantage of using the plugin is an affordable cost. This is the most affordable lower price clickfunnels alternative, which comes with great features and full integrations with email marketing tools like Getresponse and ConvertKit.

Again the friendly support system is there to help if you need any extra features.

Cart Upsell for Woocommerce

woocommerce cart extension - admin area

Woocommerce has a premium extension now available. This extension allows you to display products as an upsell on the cart page without interruption based on conditions you select.

Cart upsell extension can help you make cart combinations related to products, categories, and cart totals. (this isn't very easy.... phew)


  • Created by Woo-commerce official team.
  • Costs $29 per licence (affordable)
  • Several logic combinations and global upsell feature
  • It does what it says. Adds upsell capability. Nothing else.
  • It is complicated to use and doesn't establish a conversion-focused enviornment.

While Woocommerce creators develop the plugin, I will not recommend this if you are a complete beginner.

It lacks basic features like "checkout page customization options," order bump and conversion-focused designs. However, if you only need an upsell functionality for your online store, you can go for Cart Upsell.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to build a high converting WordPress Funnel

I recently mentioned how to build high converting WordPress sales funnels. While it's easy to learn mechanics and tools, the challenge is to learn the strategy.

Shall you offer a discounted price? Or should you add testimonials and social proof on your check out page? Which product would be best to add for a single click offer? What to write in your follow up emails? What to offer after the initial offer?

There are often countless unanswered questions. And I understand it. Here I have answered a few of them. You can ask more in the comments, and I will love to answer them.

How to Increase Average Order Value

Offering similar products boost your average order value. However, collecting email addresses to keep your customers engaged is another important aspect. Email marketing tools like ConvertKit can help you with it. Since customer engagement is highly underrated, you can take advantage of the peers by implementing the right email marketing strategy.

Can I add an affiliate program to sell more product?

This is one of the best parts of building your shopping carts or selling individual products with WordPress. You can run your affiliate program with products like Affiliate WP. Also, all the plugins mentioned support learning management systems like LearnDash and Thrive Suite.

Can I offer a Product Bundle as an Upsell?

The product bundle or giving a package of two or more products after the initial checkout often works well. It increases the average cart value and sells more products at once.

You can add the Add to Cart Button with CartFlows or other tools I have mentioned to do it.

Can I sell subscription based products? What is the checkout process for it?

Subscriptions are great for recurring income. With the help of the above plugins, you can offer subscriptions in the same way you offer a one-time purchase. While our eCommerce platform does not support subscriptions natively, the upsell plugins mentioned here can help you with it.

Can I use PayPal to accept payment and one click upsells?

Yes, you can. All the above plugins offer this ability.

Can I offer multiple upsell offers in a single funnel?

Yes, definitely. You can add as many upsell as you want. In fact, you can create chained products in your funnels and present them according to customer behavior.

Do I need woocommerce on my website?

Yes. Other than the second resource I have mentioned above, all other tools use Woocommerce as the default payment gateway. So unless you are going for it, you will need woocommerce on your website.

Final Verdict

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I showed you my top paid and free Upsell plugins for Woocommerce. Using them will help you make the checkout process simpler and, will help you put more cash into your pockets.

You can offer free trials, create 2-step funnels, a simple page checkout system or build a custom funnel from scratch with the power of these tools.

Woocommerce lets you sell products in the local currency, so you can use these tools for easily building tools for a small business.

Whether you sell a recurring subscription for your membership platform or you have a big store for selling online courses or physical products, these add-ons will help you boost your conversions from existing customers.

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Himanshu is a recovering shiny object seeker and computer science engineer turned into an internet entrepreneur.

He bootstrapped from 0-$200k and has helped tens of companies grow from scratch with the help of building online communities.

He helps coaches and entrepreneurs grow their business through content and communities.

  • It was a great article Mr. Himanshu, I came here after reading your article on Quora. Just wanted to know, I have to use digital marketing for building a successful cloud kitchen. Which plugin should I use in WordPress for creating funnel?

    • Hi, Hrishi. glad that you enjoyed it. If you have multiple products and you are going for a woo-commerce based store, go for CartFlows. It’s perfect and works seamlessly for a big e-comm store.

      If you have a digital product to sell, you can pick from CartFlows and Upsell Plugins. I like both of them. Upsell plugin is easier at the end of the day and doesn’t require woo-commerce.

      Hope it helps.

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