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Are you looking for a high converting WordPress funnel theme?

While Clickfunnels is one of the most successful SaaS funnel software, WordPress has great themes for doing the same.

This post will help you pick the right WordPress sales funnel theme for your online empire. And more than it, you will learn the sales funnel strategy you might want to implement to boost your revenue.

I have already mentioned the top woo-commerce upsell plugins in my previous post.

While you can easily create a successful funnel with the plugins I have mentioned, landing page builder and theme play an important part. Since you won't be able to create conversion-focused landing pages without a good sales funnel theme, you must pick a good visual editor.

The Big Problem with Building Sales funnel with WordPress

WordPress was not started for building sales funnels. It is a blogging platform. Therefore, just putting opt-in forms and waiting for customers was never the initial plan. But as we all use WordPress to build anything and everything, we need to understand a few challenges here:

  • WordPress requires a huge number of other plugins to work together to build a good sales funnel. This leads to slower website speed and theme/plugin conflict.
  • Landing Page alone is not enough for creating a funnel. It would need to have good integration with email service, payment systems and tracking systems without compromising the user interface.
  • Often times, these plugins break your entire website if you want to even change a button with custom CSS

This is why choosing the right sales funnel theme is important.

My Top Themes for Building High Converting WordPress Sales Funnel

I recently wrote a guide to building WordPress sales funnels. But it is not complete without the building blocks of WordPress architecture.

Thrive Theme Suite

If there is one complete package to build a solid sales funnel ecosystem for your online business, there is no better tool than Thrive Suite.

It comes with Thrive Theme Builder that is a drag-and-drop technology for "creating your own sales funnel theme." You can design a website that doesn't look like a copy of another website (or you can exactly model other funnels likewise)

While I use Thrive theme membership as it comes with everything that I need. It includes hundreds of lead generation pop-ups and forms builders, Landing page builders, sales page templates course delivery, and complete management and features.

And it costs less than $20 per month or less than $1 per day for an annual membership. However, if you are only interested in themes, it works perfectly fine.

That means you can easily plug Thrive Theme Builder or TTB with your existing website and revamp it.

Here are a few important points to consider while picking up Thrive membership for building funnels

  • Complete Woo-commerce Integration to sell digital and physical products.
  • Deep checkout integration with payment gateways like Thrive Cart and Sendowl.
  • It supports popular funnel design tools like Cartflows and Upsell Plugins to boost your conversion to the next level.
  • You get complete control over customization of sales pages, checkout pages and optin pages.
  • It supports Split testing and scarcity marketing strategies to even increase conversions further.
  • You can replace as many as 30 plugins while using it. So you get better page speed and better performance.
  • Thrive themes doesn't have it's own checkout system. So you need to use either woo-commerce or any other checkout system like Sendowl for it.
What do you think?

These are only a few features of using Thrive themes. It comes with 30 days full refund guarantee so you can try out risk free. In my opinion, Thrive Suite is so good that I feel guilty of not paying them for what they offer.

OptimizePress 3.0 Smart Theme

Optimizepress is one of the first companies I came across while making a switch to WordPress. At that time, it was not good enough and it was lacking multiple crucial features to be the right WordPress theme for marketing funnels.

However, now the time has changed. OptimizePress is a a fine suite for building a drag-and-drop funnel and comes with some groundbreaking features.

While OptimizePress doesn't come with Course Hosting and Thrive Theme builder, it has some unbeatable features to be your favourite WordPress theme.

  • OptimizeFunnels: Create marketing funnels in WordPress with ease
  • In house checkout system so you don't have to depend on other plugins for payment collection. (this is the one I got tempted)
  • 250+ Ready Made Conversion Optimized Templates
  • OptimizeLeads: Our Hosted opt-in form software (add optin forms anywhere)
  • Easy Split Testing: Split test pages in your funnels for optimized results
  • Powerful integration with all leading email marketing software like Getresponse, ConvertKit, or ActiveCampaign.
  • OptimizePress checkout is there but with very limited functionalities. No order bump, no upsells and downsells. So, you will need a different software eventually.
  • Their custom page designer is not as intuitive as Thrive theme builder.
  • OptimizePress does not have learning management system. 
Which theme is best between the above two?

If you ask me, I love Thrive themes. They have everything you need in a sales funnel. However, they do not have a checkout system. So if you are looking for a complete suite for selling "digital products", OptimizePress is best.

Astra Theme

If you are ready to use woo-commerce (that supports over 27 local currencies), go for Thrive. Both come with 30 days money-back guarantee so you can easily try today.

If you are someone who has never lost money in making mistake, you might often fall for free traps. Often, free funnel themes might look like saving money, but eventually, they cost you more time, energy and eventually money. 

Because when you will run ads or you will spend time creating content, a poorly designed landing page will end up converting poorly.

However, there is one theme that can help you design cost-efficient landing pages. While it's not a full-fledged theme for marketing funnels, it does a good job of integrating with Elementor or Beaver builder. 

What do you think?

With native integration with Stripe and PayPal and woocommerce checkout support, you can design high converting sales pages with Astra and CartFlows combination.

All you need to do is to visit this page and upload the Astra theme on your website. Then you can activate CartFlows and start creating your pages with Gutenberg or Elementor page builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales funnels plugins doubts for WordPress

I shared the best themes for creating successful WordPress funnels. But you might have tens of questions like "which lead magnet to create", "How to design a good sales page", "How to create a video sales letter" and many more.

And I understand it. As small business owners, it's overwhelming to learn it all by yourself...

... Therefore I have launched my 5 days Bootcamp to build a personal brand funnel from scratch. Just by enrolling in this program, you can get access to live coaching calls with me and you can get all your questions answered.

If you don't feel like it, here are a few of them I have answered below.

Can I use my entire website as a funnel?

The answer is yes. A website is one thing, and sales funnel is an uncommon thing. Here is a simple way to understand: A website is just a place to put content. Likewise, e-commerce stores built by woo-commerce are also the same. People add products "to cart" and then make the payment.

However, a funnel is a step-by-step sequence of buyer steps designed by you to maximize your profit and customer value.

Does any theme offer a free trial or free version?

WordPress themes are "downloadable" and transportable. This is why most companies do not offer a free trial on their software. It raises the risk of software piracy. However, all the mentioned ones come with a no-question asked guarantee. That means, you can easily use them and if you don't like it, you can ask for a refund.

Can I build a membership site funnel with WordPress?

Membership websites and digital downloads are good ways to earn recurring revenue from your existing customers. And the sales process is simple for creating such funnels. You can use Optimize Press or Thrive for creating a full-fledged membership funnel with no hassle.

How to add order bumps in my funnels?

Order bumps are great for adding more cash into your pockets in the front end. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated theme for creating order bumps in WordPress. So you can use an upsell plugin like CartFlows or "Upsell Plugin" for creating order bumps. You can get the complete information on such plugins here.

How a WordPress Theme is better than Clickfunnels or LeadPages?

It is not. It just depends on what are you looking for. If you are a solopreneur who is comfortable to spend $297/mo and you already have experience in building marketing strategies, Clickfunnels is your bet.

I prefer WordPress because I don't like the idea of giving control of my content to a SaaS company. It's dangerous because, at any time, your efforts can get into veins on a decision of someone else.

Further, these funnel builders are not designed while keeping organic growth in mind. While WordPress blogs will give you extra exposure to search engine traffic.

Can I connect a WordPress funnel theme with Zapier to automate?

Yes, you can. All the above-mentioned products come with complete integration with Zapier.

Building an email list and nurturing potential customers is a crucial part of funnel building. Because someone who is already familiar with your brand will be the first one to buy from you instead of a complete stranger. So you can connect other email marketing services, lead magnets, sales pages and anything else with each other.

Which funnel theme supports Webinar pages?

Both, Thrive as well as OptimizePress have dedicated templates for webinar registration, replay and webinar sales pages. You can design an entire webinar funnel and promote on social media with them.

Further, the abilities like countdown timers, pricing tables and redirects, you can take the entire sales process to the next level.

The Fire Summary

WordPress is a great content management system. But only a few people know it is the best platform for designing sales pages as well.

If you want to get rid of website hosting and domain and other technical stuff, I recommend going for a dedicated, self-managed hosting service like WPX hosting. It will ensure that your funnels are loading fast and you have always someone to help you out if you get lost.

When it comes to picking up a theme for funnels, there is no one answer. I prefer Thrive because it offers exceptional support, their development road map shows I am going to have everything I need to build my entire online store and I am able to grow my community through my blogs.

You can go for OptimizePress if you need a dedicated system for checkout, funnel design tools like OptimizeFunnels or you are only looking to sell digital products.

The starting point should be to pick a theme and use it dedicatedly. Because in the end, the sales funnel strategy is more important than which tool you are using.

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