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Affiliate marketing is one of the most underrated ways to make money online. As an affiliate Entrepreneur for more than four years, I have seen this industry moulding from scammy-shady business to a value-addition business. Learn and Understand the secrets of creating your successful affiliate business as a beginner in this article.

Instead of telling you directly, what is affiliate marketing, I am going to talk a bit deeper. Maybe you can start building your next million-dollar business with affiliate marketing after reading this article. So make sure to read it very, very carefully.

Most Practical Definition: What is Affiliate Marketing

For all the new people, the simplest definition of affiliate business is this: Affiliate marketing is the business of promoting someone else's product. Or from a vendor's point of view, affiliate marketing is a form of promotion where you pay the promoter "only" when you get the sale (or lead, depending on your business model).

But, if you want to start an affiliate business, you need to understand this model a bit deeper. As you can see from the picture above, there are three entities of this business:

  1. Customer: People who are looking to buy something.
  2. Vendor: People who are looking to sell something.
  3. You; the affiliate: Who is helping "Right customers" to reach the "Right Products".

What I have understood from my experience in the Affiliate business, that, people never buy a product. This is, at the same time, true that most of the affiliate marketers don't understand this fact.

So, if you are a new affiliate marketer, and if you came to know about hundreds of videos about Clickbank, Amazon Affiliate program or SEO or whatever, just focus on this first.

You are not going to make it a "Business" without truly helping people to get the results.

People don't need products. 

People Need Results.

People want results. People are not interested in buying a product. It's crazy to buy a "thing", isn't it? We all are looking for the outcome of buying a "thing".

The value we will get from the product that matters. So, as an affiliate marketer, your job is not to force people to buy a product but to help them achieve a result. Can you see where am I going!

Let's move on to another important thing:

What are the right steps to take when you are starting in affiliate marketing? Because you can always find hundreds of thousands of ideas, articles, Online courses, and YouTube videos, teaching you about Affiliate Marketing.

While it is always good to search on Google or YouTube if you get stuck in the beginning, it has a big problem. You get overloaded with the information which is actually useless.

Meme: sincerely represents emotions while searching "useless" information


So let's talk about something which can be truly helpful for you.

Steps to Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business from Scratch

First: Find a Good Niche to Work in

Most of the people, run behind the product. The big commission, big product. But this is not the right way to start things. Start with finding a really good niche.

To stand yourself out from the crowd, start with finding your perfect niche.

This is one of the first things (and perhaps the most important thing), I talk in my community . Decide what you are truly interested in, and stand apart from the 96% other affiliate marketers.

In short, find something useful to work upon, which makes you happy and which you can get paid for.

Second: Find A "Trustworthy" Product to Promote (or Make one)

Good products are hard to find. Good product doesn't only mean a "big commission product". It is just a small piece of the whole picture. The Good product is more about a "Useful Product". Which can help people to add value to their lives?

Also, Don't promote something you don't have used.

Don't Sell Pizza without Tasting it

You will only ruin your brand appearance and you will have to work very hard. You may also get results but not for very long. If you are starting in, you can start by Promoting Clickfunnels. It is a wonderful product and you can immediately start using it. Or you can find any other. The first step is not finding the product but finding the niche.

Third: Get Your Tools Ready

There are no good businesses which run without office. Most of the new professionals spam social media and don't really like to spend their money on tools. But that is not going to work in the long run. Serious Entrepreneurs don't do this. Invest in Funnel building, Email Marketing, Website and Hosting.

I use Clickfunnels for building my funnels which is, I believe, one of the best tools to build your converting landing pages, Optin pages and automating your Funnel Building Process.

For email marketing and communication, I use GetResponse. I love this software as it makes email marketing and automation very easy.

You can get my full list of tools here: TOOLBOX

Before you think, you can't afford it, let me tell you, it's a business. Invest in your business and become an Entrepreneur.

Forth: Learn and Improve

Other than tools, this is the most important (and essential investment) you have to do. YouTube, Blog Posts and information on the internet are scattered. In fact, most of it is just raw data and facts.

To truly build a "Business" you need the right system, Good People Around, and a person whom you can consult with (guide and friend). It's very, very important. Don't neglect this part or you are going to waste too much money and time or you are going to quit.

It is not easy to believe (I know), but you have to do this if you truly want to grow yourself and create a successful business for yourself.

Action Step: Collect Everything

Just like every other time, you have two options now. You can either start doing things (take action) or just go back and forget. It was never "easy" and straight forward to implement everything I learned for me, but this is the only way to get what you want. Traffic, Marketing, Sales, and everything else comes later. Take action without waiting to become perfect in anything.

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