Want to make good money from affiliate marketing business? It is crucial to pick good affiliate programs to promote.

Affiliate marketing is a beautiful business. For many of the aspiring entrepreneurs, Affiliate marketing can be the quickest way to come online and live your Internet Lifestyle. Here are some of the best affiliate programs for beginners who don’t have websites right now.

Most of the affiliate vendors and platforms like CJ, Impact and ShareASale may ask for a website to promote the offers. Also, the challenge is, without having a site in the beginning, you may find it hard to promote your offers.

Even if you are starting in affiliate marketing, having your own “home online” is a huge advantage over having nothing.

Before I finally come to the best affiliate products you can promote as a beginner, let me give you some ideas on how can you really make a thriving affiliate business within a short span. Yes! It needs a website. But more importantly, you need to build a community of people whom you can serve.

5 Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner

Step 01

Find Your Profitable Niche

I have shared multiple times, why finding a niche is vitally important. Before you start hunting for an excellent product to promote, I would highly recommend you to pick up your money-making niche.

It may (or may not) be your “ultimate niche,” but it must be profitable.

You can start by going to Google Trends and check for some of the hot topics you can start with.

affiliate mGoogle Trends guide for affiliate beginners
In pictures: Google Trends sample for affiliate marketing

Another FREE Tool you can use to find the good topics is Facebook.

Join some Facebook groups and find out what are some excellent products people are promoting on the internet.

Step 02

Find Out Good Products to Promote in Your Niche

Instead of promoting loads of products in one go, it is very crucial to pick up one of two products. And start building funnels for them along the line if you are a freshman.

Instead of suffering from Shiny object syndrome, you should better invest some time to find a valuable product to promote in your niche. It will surely help you to establish yourself as an authority, and people will be able to trust you more over the competition.

I have been working with multiple affiliate programs as a beginner and even after gaining experience. But one thing is here for sure,


Just like any other industry, even inside affiliate marketing, there are a lot of shady, grey affiliate marketers who are trying to cheat and loot people.

Here are the simple three steps to pick the right product.

  • Check out the industry: Is this industry on the rise? This is the question you will need to ask yourself.
  • Is the product already getting sold: Is the affiliate product you have decided to promote is already sold. Or maybe nobody really needs it.
  • Is your product useful: If you are serious about creating a “good business” through Affiliate Marketing, always focus on promoting a helpful product. It will keep your mind happy and keeps you away from “money only syndrome.”

I have talked in detail about the best affiliate programs for beginners after sharing the further three steps. But I would suggest you read all the following steps before jumping into the list.

Step 03

Create an Affiliate Funnel

You will need a proper funnel to promote your offers. Instead of advertising through a website just like the old days, it is a wiser decision to promote your offers through Marketing Funnels.

I use ClickFunnels to create my super-converting funnels.

And the best thing is, you can promote clickfunnels and get 40% commission for a lifetime. It is one of the best affiliate programs to promote as a beginner.

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Step 04

Pick Your Favorite Channel to Promote Your Offers

If you have set up your funnels and you are ready to make money, the only thing you need is to drive traffic. Traffic is like the fuel for your business, so more fuel you will put into your machine, better will it work.

There are hundreds of ways to drive “targeted traffic” to your brand new affiliate website or funnel. You can use social media channels like Facebook or Pinterest to drive traffic, or you can simply use paid advertisement programs. Facebook is over 1 Billion people on earth. It doesn’t matter what offers you are promoting, facebook can be a good way to drive targeted traffic.

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Step 05

Learn and Master the Traffic

As an affiliate marketer, it is critical to speak the language of traffic. Learning traffic is crucial as an affiliate marketer even if you are a beginner in the business.

Learn how to drive traffic and convert it into your sales.

Here Are the Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Best affiliate programs for new marketers

Always remember, it takes the same time to promote a high-ticket program as it takes to encourage a low-ticket program.

It is always better to promote a high-ticket program as a new affiliate marketer instead of merely advertising a random Amazon product.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels is a fantastic Funnel software which lets you create your sales funnels within minutes.

(Pro Tip: If you decide to work with Clickfunnels, you can access my FREE 5 Day Affiliate Training by subscribing here (Worth $197))

As a Clickfunnels Affiliate, you earn 40% Lifetime commission.

So, if you do a simple maths, if you can promote Clickfunnels to 100 People even in 6 Months, it is whooping $4000 for a lifetime. (When I say lifetime, that means, if the people whom you have referred are staying for five years, you will get 40% commission for five years).

Also, if they buy anything at the later point of time, you will get a commission for all those products.

Isn’t that cool?

On average, you can make over $10,000 for every hundred customers you refer to the Clickfunnels.

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Benefits of Clickfunnels Affiliate Program as a Newcomer

  • FREE Training
  • Wonderful Community
  • FREE Access to My VIP 5 Day Affiliate Training 😉
  • Lifetime recurring commission: Refer once, get a commission for years
  • Additional Commission for all the products people buy.

Register for Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace

shareasale program for new affiliates - screenshot
My earning from ShareASale

ShareASale is a fantastic place to find out thousands of products you can pick and promote. Here you can choose products from a range of niche like health, wealth, education, technology and more.

There is only one thing which may disappoint you with ShareASale. It doesn’t provide recurring commission. So, the offers you will be promoting are one time.

I am personally not very active in promoting ShareASale offers, but getting an extra $200 without even promotion is no bad at all.

Clickbank Marketplace

Clickbank is one of the oldest affiliate marketplaces for information products. Some of the top-earning affiliate marketers work with Clickbank and making over $10m every single month.

clickbank affiliate program for new affiliates

Working with Clickfunnels is super simple and beginners’ friendly. You can register for Clickbank directly by visiting their website and pick an offer to promote.

You will be required to use Clickfunnels to build your sales funnels to promote your affiliate offers and a traffic channel to advertise.

Register for 5-Day VIP Affiliate Marketing Training

One Funnel Away Challenge for Affiliate Marketers

one funnel away challenge for new affiliates
OFA Affiliate program to promote

OFA or One Funnel Away is the best training for new affiliate marketers for merely $100. As a part of this training, you can also promote the challenge, and you can earn $100 for every single person you refer. That means you will get 100% commission for your promotions.

This program will train you step-by-step in Affiliate Marketing and building an online business through Funnels. OFA Challenge is a great program to get enrolled and learn for beginners.

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Your Biggest Takeaway

I have shared the five essential steps you need to follow to start your successful affiliate business. Also, the programs I have mentioned above, including OFA, are the ones I am personally promoting and enjoying.

As a newcomer in the industry, sometimes, it feels overwhelming to see so many good opportunities, and you end up making nothing. In fact, according to a survey, 96% of the affiliate marketers don’t make money. It is daunting to see such stat.

The best way to keep all the clutters away is by learning things step-by-step. If you are really serious about building your affiliate marketing business, here is the access to my “Affiliate Marketing Masterclass” for you.

About the Author Himanshu

Himanshu is a recovering shiny object seeker and computer science engineer turned into an internet entrepreneur.

He bootstrapped Afleet.io from 0-$200k and has helped tens of companies grow from scratch with the help of building online communities.

He helps coaches and entrepreneurs grow their business through content and communities.

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