Sales funnels can take your business to the whole another level. And many entrepreneurs have understood this very well.

This post will reveal my favorite Clickfunnels Alternative for building sales funnels for your own business.

I have been building funnels for my business and my clients' businesses for a long time and I have seen most of the people don't understand they can build "unlimited" funnels for less than $47 a month.

WordPress is my website companion for the last four years. I have built websites which has made millions in revenue and helped thousands of people.

I was desperately looking for an option which could help me to build sales funnels on it other than Clickfunnels and I found this.

With hundreds of available plugins and themes, building a great website is an easy job with WordPress. But Building a complete funnel is a totally different thing.

In this post, you will learn my personal experience with Clickfunnels, why is is good (and not good) and about the best alternative we have for it.

I am personally using this WordPress funnel software, and I fall in love with it every time.

And it costs me less than 10% of what people are paying for Clickfunnels.

But Clickfunnels is not a bad funnel software.

Since most of the alternatives not reveal the hidden costs involved in funnel development, it is not the most expensive software either.

Why Should You Start Clickfunnels FREE Trial

Clickfunnels provides the best experience to create your funnels and makes it super easy to build funnels even for beginners.


A DIY funnel, on the other hand, may cost over $200 every month for the same quality, which Clickfunnels provides for $97.

And you have to be technically sound enough to fix little problems you may face with WordPress and other platforms.

More I involved myself in the process of building funnels and doing successful online business, I realized Clickfunnels is actually a cheaper option to create your sales funnels. It's contrary of what other other rivals are promoting.

A sales funnel a combination of several modules

  • A Landing Page where people can visit and understand your product.
  • An Optin System where visitors can put their email address and subscribe to your offer.
  • An Upsell system to even increase your conversion rate.
  • A Payment Integration to charge customers for your products.
  • An Email Communication System to reach your potential customers.

Disadvantages of Clickfunnels for Technically Sound Entrepreneurs

  • $97 a month may feel ridiculous to build a funnel.
  • You do not own your funnels so they will be deleted once you switch your account.
  • Only 20 funnels are allowed for Clickfunnels initial plan.
  • A huge hype in the market which confuses new entrepreneurs.
  • A lot users join CF as a "business opportunity" and it creates negativity.

Here are some of the additional costs involved with a DIY funnel software.


  • The self-hosted domain name: $10-$100 a Year
  • Hosting Provider: $200-$500 a year for a reliable hosting
  • Cart and Payment system: $99 a Month with Kartra (Free with woo-commerce but you will need additional plugins for customization)
  • Email Marketing System: $20-$100 a month depending on your email list

Other overheads of setting up everything properly and automation, which may cost $50-$100 extra.

So, if you have a "Sales Funnel" which does require all these steps, there is no better option than Clickfunnels for you.

I am sure if you have never used Clickfunnels ever, you will love it. Most of the people who hate it are the affiliate of other products they are using.

So, give it a try. It's FREE for the first 14 days. You can always cancel your membership whenever you want.

Best Clickfunnels Alternative for WordPress

But what if you don't want to use Clickfunnels at all.

And you can't afford to invest $97 in your funnels?

If you have enough knowledge and expertise to build a custom funnel, you can never find a better option than Thrive Suite.

Best Funnel Builder for WordPress I am Using for Months

WordPress empowers around 40% of the whole website world. It makes it the most innovative platform backed by a super-enthusiastic community.

One of the most innovative WordPress development company I know, Thrive Themes, recently launched their funnel software.

Thrive Architect is the handiest WordPress funnel design software I ever came across other than Clickfunnels.

There are other software tools like Instapages, Optinpress and Leadpages you can use to build funnels.

I have personally tested these companies and My experience with these companies was not good. You will end up paying equal (or even more) as of Clickfunnels and you won't even get the level of experience you get with it.

I believe, I can give you the most authentic information only if I have personally used that product.

Thrive Architect is one of the products you get with Thrive membership, which helps you to build a smart buyer's journey.

I use this software to build most of the funnels (for some, I use Clickfunnels). You can even see this website ( is also using Thrive Themes completely.

It is the most complete suite you can ever get to design your DIY funnels.

Thrive Architect, which is a landing page builder with 200+ prebuilt, well-managed sales pages.

You can create your lead generation funnels, bridge funnels, brand awareness and webinar funnels in minutes with Thrive Architect.

Also, it is super-easy to connect your landing pages with Email systems like Getresponse and Mailchimp.

WordPress Plugins to Build Your Funnels


Thrive Architect Landing Page Builder

High converting landing pages are critical to build your funnels. Every visitor on your website is your potential customer. With the help of Thrive Architect, you can choose from hundreds of landing page templates. You can create landing pages within 10 minutes.


Thrive Leads to Capture Leads

Capturing leads is the next important step of building funnels for most of the people. With the help of thrive leads, you can design your popup forms, welcome mats or roller subscription forms within no minutes.


Thrive Split Testing System

90% of the funnel developers don't use split testing as it is a bit harder to do with FREE WordPress themes. Most of the themes don't provide split testing and headline optimization features. You can use Thrive Optimize to A/B Test your headlines, copies and even whole page.

Thrive Leads is a wonderful which fulfills the need of getting people subscribed.

You can choose from hundreds of Optin templates to create your email forms.

Have a look at this screenshot where I have listed all the modules you get to turn your WordPress website into a high converting sales funnel.

thrive is the best clickfunnels alternative

You can choose from 10 different themes which work as default for your WordPress website. And if you need a custom landing page, you can click on "Launch Architect" and create one within 10 minutes.

Quizzes are other powerful options that help you to bring more sales by understanding your visitors.

You can use it to create surveys and even Quiz funnels that work best for "lead generation businesses."

Learn how I build WordPress funnels faster.

Thrive Smart Sites for Building Artistic Funnels

One of my favorite part of using Thrive Architect is Smart Landing Pages.

Imagine! you are not very good with colors and it is a big trouble for you to pick the right ones. (Like me).

This is never an issue with Thrive. You can use Smart Pages which will automatically cater the colors throughout the page.

Alternatively, you will have option to customize if you have a good design skill.

This is the feature I never found in any other Substitute.

With an extensive suite of features like Thrive Ultimate, Ovation and Apprentice, Thrive themes is the best Clickfunnels alternative for WordPress websites.

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